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Who Are We?
Montgomery Community College's Workforce Development Center is where innovation, empowerment, and resources unite to assist the great people of Montgomery County and beyond. We specialize in offering short term training courses that not only allow a person to enter into a new career, but the specialized training to help them advance in their career. We aid current and future small business owners with the right tools and resources to not only achieve their goals, but exceed them.

We offer financial resources to help individuals thrive in school and on the job. We are on the receiving end when local industry needs specialized training or a qualified employee. In addition to injecting the workforce with talented workers, we offer opportunities for personal growth through our unique programming that allows people to just have fun! Much like a financial advisor, we are with you every step of the way. 
Apprenticeship Montgomery
Montgomery Community College, in partnership with local business and industry, has facilitated a successful apprenticeship program for over 5 years and counting. Current apprenticeship sponsors and programs are:
Are you interested in becoming a sponsor? We have a $200,000 Duke Energy Grant that will cover all the educational expenses of your selected apprentice if they are training to be a Maintenance Technician.
Future Apprentices
Are you looking for a rewarding career and $0 in student loan debt? Consider applying for the Apprenticeship Montgomery program. We are accepting applications year round, but the primary deadlines for applications are November 1st and April 1st.
NC Works Career Center
Adulting = Having a Job
Let us help you with the transition into adulthood by landing a job or career. We have expert staff that can make your resume pop. Did we mention we have access to thousands of employers in NC? If you are an out of county resident, no worries, we can locate jobs in your county as well. Please schedule an appointment to let us help you. Get started by calling 910-898-9669 or email We look forward to exceeding your expectations!
Small Business Center
PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) Forgiveness Deadlines
When is the last day that borrowers may apply for loan forgiveness?

IFR #20, Revisions to Loan Forgiveness IFR and SBA Loan Review Procedures IFR (85 FR 38304 published June 26, 2020) states that “a borrower may submit a loan forgiveness application any time on or before the maturity date of the loan—including before the end of the covered period—if the borrower has used all of the loan proceeds for which the borrower is requesting forgiveness.” IFR #17, Revisions to First Interim Final Rule (85 FR 36308 published June 16, 2020), states, “For loans made before June 5, 2020, the maturity is two years; however, borrowers and lenders may mutually agree to extend the maturity of such loans to five years. For loans made on or after June 5, the maturity is five years.”

What this means is that the borrower has up until the end of the loan to apply for forgiveness, which can either be two or five years depending on the type of PPP loan. However, the borrower only has ten months of deferral after which the borrower must start paying back the lender. The borrower would only apply for forgiveness on the remaining amount that they haven't paid back to the lender. Also, the borrower can still apply for forgiveness before the end of the Covered Period if the borrower wants to. The lender would still have 60 days after receiving the forgiveness application to make a forgiveness decision and submit that to SBA.

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