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Who Are We?
Montgomery Community College's Workforce Development Center is where innovation, empowerment, and resources unite to assist the great people of Montgomery County and beyond. We specialize in offering short term training courses that not only allow a person to enter into a new career, but the specialized training to help them advance in their career. We aid current and future small business owners with the right tools and resources to not only achieve their goals, but exceed them.

We offer financial resources to help individuals thrive in school and on the job. We are on the receiving end when local industry needs specialized training or a qualified employee. In addition to injecting the workforce with talented workers, we offer opportunities for personal growth through our unique programming that allows people to just have fun! Much like a financial advisor, we are with you every step of the way. 
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Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA)
What is WIOA? WIOA is a program that provides funding to prepare low-income adults, youth, and dislocated workers for employment, and help continue to build skills once they are employed. 

  • Adult Program - 18 and older, who are underemployed
  • Dislocated Worker Program - serves customers who have lost their job due to a layoff resulting from economic conditions.

Out-of-School Youth
  • Aged 16 to 24
And one or more additional barriers
  • School dropout
  • Recipient of a secondary school diploma, low-income, and basic skills deficient or ELL
  • Subject to the juvenile or adult justice system
  • Homeless, a runaway, in foster care or has aged out of the foster care system
  • Pregnant or parenting

In- School Youth
  • Aged 16 to 21
  • Low-income*
And one or more additional barriers
  • Basic skills deficient
  • English language learner
  • An offender
  • Homeless, a runaway, in foster care or has aged out of the foster care system
  • Pregnant or parenting

For more information, please contact Genee Greene at or 910-898-9669.
Small Business Center
NCDOR - Extra Credit Grant Program
Most North Carolina families with children are eligible for a $335 coronavirus relief payment to help with virtual schooling and childcare costs.

The $335 payment is for individuals with a dependent child who was 16 or younger at the end of 2019. If you filed a 2019 North Carolina individual income tax return reporting a qualifying child, you will get the payment automatically. 

If you did not file a 2019 state return because your gross income for 2019 did not exceed the state’s filing requirements for your filing status (generally $10,000 per year if you are single and $20,000 per year if you are married), you may still be eligible for the $335 payment. You must apply by October 15, 2020!

Go the North Carolina Department of Revenue website at for details and to apply.

Questions? Email Savannah Heath at!
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