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Weekly Newsgram - April 18th 2018
The centennial close of World War I marks a century of great change within modern warfare that includes tactical, operational, and strategic transformations that continue to mark the profession of arms, particularly the discipline of military ethics.  The International Military Ethics Symposium '18 affords us an opportunity to reflect upon these changes, commemorate this momentous conflict, and elucidate lessons learned that will shape warfare for the coming decades.  

The Symposium will be held at the National Defense University, Washington, DC from Sunday, July 29 through Wednesday, August 1, 2018. The registration fee is $30.00. Registration information is available here.

Jointly sponsored by an international coalition of military practitioners, chaplains, and academic ethicists, the symposium will increase interoperability and readiness across joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and multinational forces by strengthening moral reasoning and ethical decision-making amongst emerging strategic leaders.  Furthermore, the symposium will codify these topics through a strategic military ethics primer to be published by National Defense University Press.

Plenary speakers include notable experts from a variety of fields serving in universities and institutes both in the U.S. and Great Britain. Among them are two Army chaplains, Chaplain (Colonel) Kenneth Williams, Ph.D. and Chaplain (Colonel) Timothy S. Mallard, Ph.D. A full list of speakers is available here. The keynote speech will be delivered by Gen James C. McConville, 26th Vice  Chief of Staff of the United States Army. 

In addition to the plenary sessions, a full compliment of papers will be presented by participants during breakout sessions. The Call for Papers is available here. The Agenda is available here

Though the Symposium is jointly sponsored by the United States Army Chaplain Corps, members of all services are welcome and encouraged to attend. This promises to be a milestone event for professional military chaplaincy. 

The MCA expresses appreciation to all the members of the Army Chaplain Corps who have brought the symposium together and encourages all our members and friends to consider attending and receiving the primer to be published capturing the highlights  of the conference.  

In Memoriam
Colonel, Chaplain Corps, United States Army, Retired
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
MCA Life Member
Emerson # 7
born July 16, 1932
deceased April 13, 2018
Farmington Hills, MI
Executive Director

As noted in last week's Newsgram, we will be meeting in Arlington, VA November 5 -7, 2018 for our National Institute just before the Army Chaplain Regimental Association meeting. 

For those of you who live in the metro DC area, this will be an excellent opportunity to meet with you to discuss the potential of re-energizing the DC chapter of the Military Chaplains Association. Rather than waiting until we gather to start the discussion, I invite those of you who live in the area to email or call me as your calendar permits so we can gauge the interest in supporting a chapter in the area. My intent is to identify those who are willing to put their shoulder to the wheel ahead of our National gathering. That said, let me hear from you so we can start the planning process now.

Additionally, please let members of the National Executive Committee (NEC) or me know who you believe to be worthy candidates for the White Leadership Award, the National Citizenship Award, or the Dando Volunteer Service Award. Please refer to the Award section of our website for additional information for any specific qualifications. The strength of the awards reside in the membership who can make strong nominations. The NEC definitely needs your input. Again, award recommendations are due no later than June 30th.

One final reminder: Please refer to below to information about the due dates for articles for The Military Chaplain magazine. Given that it is now the only journal for military and VA chaplains, it is only as strong as the articles which make it up, and as a number of you have noted, the book reviews that are published.

As always, thank you for the remarkable work that you continue to do, whether as chaplains on active duty, in the reserve or guard, in the VA or the Civil Air Patrol. And if retired, your continued contribution to not only the nation but your community is vital as we all serve as "chaplains for life".

Executive Director
Fr. Razz Waff, DMin, BCC

Air Force Chief of Chaplains 
to become President of 
Charleston Southern University

Maj. Gen. Dondi E. Costin to serve as the third president of the Christian college.

Costin is a 1986 graduate of the Air Force Academy and has spent the past 32 years with the Air Force. He currently serves as chief of chaplains for the Air Force, a position he's held since August 2015. Costin will retire from the Air Force prior to becoming CSU president July 1.

In addition to a bachelor's degree in operations research from the academy, Costin has five master's degrees, a Doctor of Ministry degree and a doctorate in organizational leadership. From 1992 to 1996, Costin taught courses in leadership, management, political science and military history as an assistant professor of aerospace studies at Texas Christian University.

Jerry Williams, chairman of the presidential search committee and chairman of CSU's board of trustees, said the committee agreed unanimously to recommend Costin for the presidency. Costin was chosen from a pool of 60 candidates, according to a news release.

"We believe he is the right fit for our university, and everyone is confident that he will take CSU to the next level of excellence," Williams said.

In reflecting on this appointment Costin said, "I look forward to leading this team to build upon the firm foundation he has laid, in hopes that ... the best is yet to come."

Arlington National Cemetery 
Eligibility Survey

The leadership of Arlington National Cemetery has launched a second survey that is asking for everyone's thoughts on an important issue - the future of Arlington National Cemetery.

The survey is now available here
The Congressional Commission considering the future of Arlington  thanks all who completed the initial survey. This follow up will provide more detailed information on specific issues so the Commission can make informed decisions on the future of this hallowed ground. The goal is to preserve ANC as an active cemetery for generations to come.
The survey can be shared and/or accessed on the cemetery's website at:

The Military Chaplains Magazine
2018 Themes and Submission Deadlines

Spring Issue - The Intersection of Spiritual and Psychological Care
Articles to be submitted by April 30
Publication May 21
Summer Issue - Chaplains and World War 1
Articles to be submitted by June 30
Publication July 23
Fall Issue - Religious Accommodation in 2018
Articles to be submitted by September 30
Publication September 24
Winter Issue - Chaplaincy and Religion in a Post-Truth World
Articles to be submitted by November 30
Publication December 21

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