The Marine Advanced Technology Education ( MATE ) Center 
was established with funding from the National Science Foundation in 1997. MATE is an international network of community colleges, secondary schools, universities, research institutions, professional societies, marine industries, and working professionals. MATE's mission is to use marine technology to inspire and challenge students to learn and creatively apply science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to solving real-world problems in a way that strengthens critical thinking, collaboration, entrepreneurship, and innovation

Competition Alumni Group Launch

When you join the MATE Alumni Group, you will realize it's more than just being a member of the MATE community. This group is a landing place for job listings, internships, innovative ideas, news, and events. 

Join fellow MATE alumni, and stay connected. Share your story. Post your events. Inspire others with what you've been doing. This alumni group intends to bring like-minded people together to network and reconnect with old friends, make new ones and brainstorm ideas.

Join HERE.

How do you use your ROVs outside of the competition?

We want to know how you're using ROVs outside of competitions. So far we've heard from people using ROVs to inspect underwater ships or exposing this arena to children with special needs. All entries can win prizes. The grand prize includes a $100 SeaMATE gift card while the top 10 contestants will win MATE T-shirts for students in the photos and a feature spot in the MATE newsletter. Deadline for submissions are tomorrow, April 15. Deadline for voting is May 31.

Visit HERE to submit an entry or vote for your favorite.

Project-Based Engineering Design, Underwater Robotics, Arduino, and Underwater Sensors.

Teachers, enhance your knowledge, develop your skills and get ahead. Check out this list of summer workshops offered by the MATE Center. Classes are offered online or in person. Financial resources and curriculum products are listed as well. Applications are now being accepted HERE

One- to two- day ROV workshops around the country and world are available HERE .

Simple Circuit Lab Kit

The Simple Circuit Lab Kit is a reusable kit aimed to help teach the basics of electronics, Ohm's Law and how a switch works. This set, accompanied by the Simple Circuits Lab or How a Switch Works Lab, provides hands-on lessons covering topics such as measuring voltage, resistance, using a resistor with an LED, and using switches to turn a motor in forward and reverse. This kit helps provide the foundational knowledge for understanding the AngelFish and PufferFish ROV kits.

Check out the Simple Circuit Lab Kit at the SeaMATE store HERE.

MATE Pathway to Success

This June, Chris Konstad is graduating from UCLA with a degree in computer science thanks in large part to MATE. As a sophomore in high school, he joined the MATE team and dove into learning everything about it. Through that involvement, as a freshman at UCLA he earned an internship with Bloomberg in New York. A year later he interned with Facebook for a few years and later was offered a full-time position.

Email your MATE journey to us HERE.

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