TEAM EZRA is contacting you today to share some very important and timely news that we have just uncovered.

This news has to do with the "Turbo Cancers" that are unfortunately becoming all too common across the planet.

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Prominent Dissident Leaders in Cancer Field Reveal 'Turbo Cancer' Takeaways

In this interview you will learn about the "turbo cancer" causing effects of the C19 injection, and most importantly how you can protect yourself or your family and friends.

These medical freedom leaders inform us about the fact that these "turbo cancers" are different from what we have witnessed before and that they are not responding to traditional cancer treatments.

This is an interesting follow up to our January newsletter where we provided evidence that the cancer industry for over the last 60 years has a 90% plus failure rate!

If you are short on time, please Fast Forward the interview to the 37 minute mark where Dr. Makis provides his recommendations for treating these "turbo cancers".

The good news here is that Dr. Makis' treatment recommendations match what Ezra Healing has been telling its clients for the last year now. A combination of Ivermectin, Turkey Tail and Chaga mushrooms are combatting these "turbo cancers".



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Ivermectin has saved hundreds of millions of lives across the world since its introduction in the early 1970s. It is fair to classify this as a miracle compound!

Ivermectin has been shown to bind to the spike protein, and aiding its elimination by the host. Additionally, Ivermectin has potent cancer fighting and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Furthermore, Ivermectin may be used as a preventative measure using a single dose a week. Prevention is a key tool in maintaining your health and wellness.

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500 mg Capsules

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Turkey Tail has a wide spectrum of beneficial properties and is best-known for supporting and engaging a balanced immune response. 

Turkey tail contains a high concentrations of two polysaccharides that increase immune system cells that help fight cancer such as natural killer cells (NK). The NK cells enhance various mechanisms to disrupt the cancer cell cycle and induce cancer cell death.

Turkey Tail is also high in anti-oxidants and aids in gut microbiome health.

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The Siberian Chaga mushroom demonstrates scientific evidence for being medicinally beneficial in cancer treatment, viral infections and glucose disorders, such as diabetes.

Further significant evidence supports a positive role for Chaga in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and the potential spread to secondary tumours.

Additionally, Chaga possesses high levels of antioxidants, it is a potent anti-inflammatory, a neuroprotive agent, and may boost energy and endurance levels.

Ezra's 4:1 Siberian Chaga capsules are harvested in their natural habitats for the utmost in purity and potency.

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10 mg/ml CBD:THCa

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Ezra’s Healing's unique 1:1 Cannabis tincture utilizes full plant extracts to maximise the entire beneficial spectrum of phyto chemicals and trace Cannabinoids. This 1:1 ratio “the golden ratio” ensures that you’re getting all the benefits from both THC and CBD.

Ezra’s THCa preparations are painstakingly derived via low temperature extractions allowing THC to remain in the non-psychoactive THCa (acid) form.

Together, these two cannabinoids are a powerful anti-inflammatory. THCa is an effective neuroprotectant, and most impressively, research shows that THCa helps to slow the proliferation of cancerous cells.

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