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Bits and Pieces

July 25, 2024

Interesting subject line, right??? Well, in my mind it’s a perfect fit; when I look at the new B 990, I get this giant smile, and my hands come up to shoulder height and do jazz hands!!! If you forgot, jazz hands are where your hands are wide open, fingers spread totally apart, and then they shake and wiggle in jazz fashion. Ask me for a demo if you’re unsure, because I want to do this whenever I lay eyes on the 990! It’s an intuitive, reflexive motion, I think! Anyway, I am totally enthralled with this new machine. Not only is it beautifully and ergonomically designed, it is still meticulously Swiss engineered, metal, and easier than any other machine (even with all the included do-dads it has) to use. It is indeed MAGIC (jazz hands here!).

Plus, you are hereby invited to attend our BERNINA Party on July 13, for our regular SEW SMART EVENT. Whether or not any of the 3 new and unique machines are in your future, please come and at least explore them with us for future references. It’s always good to know what is out there, whether you’re going to purchase or not. Of course the B 990 is the King and Queen of the Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery machines, we also have a new red-front B 735 SE patchwork machine for you to see. The red is bright and bold, includes a red walking foot, a 5.5 mm stitchplate which is perfect for patchwork precise piecing projects, 10” of space right of the needle, and embroidery capable when you add the new SDT Module. It even includes a color-coordinated dust cover, plus other features we can show you. Almost forgot to mention the included Gift With Purchase valued at over $2,000 with includes the SDT Embroidery Module, the BSR, additional feet and more. Come talk with us to see what else we can do to make you smile.

The third new machine is the b 08, little speed demon! You just have to see and sew with this one to appreciate what it does, and how well! It can do 1,600 stitches per minute, with easy control, and an extra-large foot control to even allow for slow stitch by stitch sewing. The extra powerful motor allows you to sew through delicate or heavy-duty materials (YAY!!!). Multiple layers, like over 30, is no problem with this baby. It has just under 9” of sew space, too, and an attached thread cutter.  The bobbin holds 40% more than a normal one, and the extension table is about 23.5 x 15.7 and did I mention that I’m VERY impressed with this mighty little machine?!?!

Please check BERNINA’s website (berninausa.com) for more pictures and information, because there is just waaaay too much info to offer here. But some of the better points I can remember off the top of my head are: the weight is not much more than the B880 or B790 Pro machines, and comes in at about 45 pounds(less than a bag of dog food), there are 92 lights, 14” of space from needle to machine (largest in the industry), Giant hoop, 10” centrally located touch screen which you can actually use to sew from, a fully integrated camera and separate laser, needle threader with a button touch, on-screen guide, on-screen guide, English labeled icons (YAY!!!), the largest embroidery field of 16.1” x 12” and perfect for a 12” square, and my favorite thing to talk about right now: increase YOUR STITCH FROM 25% up to 500% WITH total stitch integration RESIZING with your changes. Really!!! If you’re doing a design 500% larger, you obviously need to increase the stitch-count accordingly to avoid gappy, loose stitching, right? This handles the problem. Of course…it’s a BERNINA!

Now do you get my new obsession with Jazz Hands and the B 990? And I didn’t even mention the FREE GIFTS! So come to the party, sit back and enjoy the ride into our new present, and our upcoming sewing, quilting, embroidery future. We all wondered what more could be added to the B790 Pro, and now we have the answer. The BU Experience was very positive, Detroit was a pleasant surprise to me (I even tried Mediterranean food), energy was palpable, and my very favorite class was the Tech class for the B 990. I had a ball, as did Lynn, in this particular class as we took it all apart, then put it back together (and I’ve never seen so many screws and washers in my life, praying not to drop one inside the machine!). Lynn will explain her feelings about actually sewing on all of the machines during our party July 13. She took all of the available hands-on classes, and has a lot of info. to impart. Please join us—you already know that we’re not a pushy sales staff and that we want the machine that we all agree is best for you, we do not work on commission, and that we always want to be helpful to you, so the environment should be comfortable and one of learning for you. And if you’re ready to take the 990 leap, or some other leap, we’re here for you and will get you into the queue ASAP for your MAGIC! 

Barbara and the Magic Hands with all that Jazz

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