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May 7, 2024

I have so much to tell you in this newsletter. BIG THINGS are happening, and BIG DATES are coming your way. So be prepared to SAVE THE DATE for numerous events, so you don’t miss any of the MAGIC!!!

As you have heard, BERNINA is launching a big, new TOP OF THE LINE BERNINA. This will be their biggest launch yet! Let me tell you the things I do know for sure:

The machine name is BERNINA 990 or B 990; the MSRP price is $22,999, and the machine is BIG!!! Beyond that, there will be no picture, features or benefits of the B 990 shared prior to BU, which starts June 18 and SVQ will be attending! If you hear other things, they are just rumors or urban legends, because there will be no more specifics until BU! However, there are many of you who know and expect exceptional BERNINA quality, you want to be the first to know, the first to own and cherish. With that in mind, we are taking Pre-Orders starting May 10. This will involve on your part a $1,000 refundable deposit to reserve your guaranteed place in line to receive the 990 when they ship (and multiple containers are in transit now!!). These pre-ordered machines will be the first machines shipped to consumers in order received. You will also become a Charter VIP Member, and will receive many benefits, including a Pre-Order Thank You Gift Box with purchase, exclusive updates, personalized messages for you, VIP treatment all around, including 12 months following your pre-sale, and More.  

We are all very excited about this new launch, we know and appreciate Swiss technology and attention to detail as well as to what you, our customer, wants in your top of the line machine. For this price, you know it’s going to be an advanced, magical machine for many years to come. BERNINA is still proudly a family-owned company, ahead of the tech. curve, standing confidently behind their products and developments. As BERNINA has said to its dealers: “As a Charter VIP Member, you will get to see the unveiling of our Top of the Line Flagship machine. We know you will be breathless! It’s that amazing.” BERNINA is pretty sure that this machine will exceed your expectations, so they are not stressed out about making the deposit refundable. Charter Memberships are limited by time and number, but if you pre-order, you are GUARANTEED TO RECEIVE YOUR MACHINE BEFORE ANY OTHERS SHIP OUT. A huge desire for this machine is anticipated, so try to take advantage of your potential VIP Charter Member Status now! To get weekly updates now on the 990, click on and follow this link:  https://bit.ly/4df8tJD

We’re here for you, to get you signed up into the Pre-Order Campaign, to get your Guaranteed Number in line for this magical new machine. I’m as excited as you must be to know what new, innovative and supportive technology they can give us to make sewing even more fun and creative, not to mention faster and easier!!!

Where else do we find magic this month, you ask??? Well, we have a BIG SAVE the Date EVENT scheduled for June 8. Please save and remember this date for both of our sakes: it’s my 14th Anniversary Party!!! Who’d-a-thunk-it? Fourteen years ago when I bought SVQ, I’d never yet made a quilt! But, so what?!?! It was a huge move for me in a totally new direction, and the best one I could have made. As you might remember, I lost my Mom (Alzheimer’s) and Hubby (lung cancer) within 6 months of each other, and I felt lost and alone. But not for long, because shortly thereafter, I made the jump into the quilting business, and as you’ve heard me say many times, this was the best move for me, and I’m so very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had. I felt led by my Higher Power, I listened, and voila!, here we are. And 14 years have just passed by so quickly. The people here at the shop with me have become my desert family, as have you. We never know what will happen in our lives, and we know that goodness will come our way if we’re open to letting it into our lives. I thank all that have helped me along the way, guided me along the right path, given me many reasons to smile. So…June 8 is the time to celebrate, indeed.  

I’ll have my hammer and my bell on the eighth, as usual, and when the bell rings, someone here at the time will win a prize. I will also have a few bigger prizes that you won’t have to be present to win, if your number is drawn. But everyone will be a winner with the fabric discounts that Saturday! Let’s see, 14 years here at SVQ …..hmmmm…..that figure will somehow enter into the equation of savings for you, I’m thinking, but I’ll let you know later. Have to keep some things back for a surprise, right? And it won’t be just fabric on sale June 8 either!  Just know that there will be lots of savings for you as my way of thanking you for joining me on this 14 year journey, and the promise that it’s not even close to being over!  

Reminder that the Cutie Breeze frame is still on sale for May at just $599, a heck of a good deal. Our fabric of the week special will be Minkee or Cuddle, at 15% off when you give us the code: MINKEE15. And I’ve just ordered a lot of new colors for you, but they won’t be here for this sale. Sorry to say. I will also include flannels this week at 15% off, also with the code MINKEE15. Just got some new ones in, so take a look! I hope I’ve given you some things to be excited about, that you May be looking forward to this May, and that you May stop in to check out or talk about. Just Maybe!! Have a great week!

Barbara and the May flowers at SVQ 

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