Occasionally one walks into purpose without consciously pursuing it.  Such is the case when grace met destiny and opened a door for me to teach at St. Catherine’s School.  I came to this incredible place
of learning as a dorm parent in the days when the school housed
boarders from places outside of and within the continental
United States.

Initially classes with middle school students were the order of the day.  With no children of my own the realization that concrete thinkers do not quickly grasp hypothetical theories came crashing in on my well-manicured lesson plans.  The journey was unfolding.  My journey landed me on the metaphorical potter’s wheel.  My visit would be long and life changing.  God was directing this life in ways and a manner that would allow the teacher to be the one being taught.

There are a multiplicity of experiences and encounters for which I am deeply grateful.  Becoming a school chaplain as well as a teacher of religion continues to be a priceless gift.  Being a part of a community striving toward inclusion, coupled with the responsibility for worship is the calling for which I was made.   Why do I teach in an Episcopal school?  Because I have been called to do so.