Newsletter Spring 2024

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The 2024 boating season is fast approaching. The Marinas Advisory Committee together with the Dock Captains want to share some news about the Tellico Village Community Docks.


There are two major capital projects in the 2024 budget. A wave attenuator

for Tanasi and kayak storage at the Kahite docks. Both projects are on hold right now. The wave attenuator is awaiting approval from TVA, and site location for the kayak launch has yet to be finalized.


  • The rub rail replacement project will continue for docks F, G & H. (Docks A through E and the Yacht Club Courtesy Dock have already been replaced and we’ll move on to work on the other docks in future years). No action is required of boat owners. The contractor is able to carry out this work without moving your boat. This upgrade will extend the life expectancy of the docks, but it carries a significant cost. So, boat owners must secure their boats so that they don’t damage the dock. To make it easier to lay spring lines, during the season we’ll be installing center cleats on each slip finger (already installed on docks A, B & C). Spring lines serve to prevent the boat from surging forward and rubbing against the dock. So, when this center cleat is installed, please tie your boat using a third line from the center cleat on the dock to the front cleat on your pontoon boat to keep the bow from touching the main dock.


  • Dive inspection will be scheduled for the weekend of April 27/28. Divers will inspect anchors, cables, and the underwater portions of the dock structures. Please keep well clear of the divers and their surface support crew.
  • Electric stands will be replaced at Tanasi Lagoons docks.
  • Water will be turned on during the week of April 1st.
  • If you see some issue that needs the attention of the maintenance team, use Help Spot to report the issue:


During the spring, Public Works will be installing one or more safety stations, comprising a throw ring and ladders, on each dock (typically to be located around the center of each dock). The exact configuration of the safety stations may vary according to the layout of the specific dock.


Public Works has installed two goose mitigation strobe lights as a test project at Tugaloo to discourage geese from accessing the dock and beach area.


The local USCGA chapter will host some “Boat America” classes this spring. We strongly advise you to sign up for one of these classes and get your boating certificate - especially if you’re new to boating. They’re also conducting safety checks dockside. The schedule of these classes and safety checks are published in the Tell-E-Gram and displayed on the notice boards at each dock.


A reminder about the TVPOA gas dock in the Yacht Club Basin. Marine-grade gasoline (ethanol-free with added marine stabilizer) is available 24/7 from the gas dock on G Dock in the Yacht Club Basin. Payment is accepted by VISA, MasterCard, or American Express. If a debit card is used, a temporary charge may be placed pending payment processing. Please report any issues with gas dock operations immediately to Public Works.


The Tellico Cruising Club invites everyone to the annual Blessing of the Fleet on Friday, April 26. The fleet will gather across the lake opposite the Yacht Club at 9:30 AM, then proceed into the Yacht Club basin for the blessing. Watch for details in the Tell-E-Gram closer to the date.


We can get some dramatic and rapid changes in the weather on Tellico Lake. Storms can erupt, seemingly out of nowhere. Keep an eye on the sky and use a weather app on your phone to follow any emerging storms. Seek shelter early. If the wind is strong, consider temporarily docking at a courtesy dock as there’s typically more space to maneuver.


Now that spring is here, make sure you have your up-to-date TN registration stickers displayed on your boat. Check that your insurance is up to date too. If either registration or insurance comes up for renewal during the year, you must provide copies to Public Works. Failure to do so is an infringement of the lease agreement and may result in a fine.

Also, keep Public Works up to date with any change in your contact info - they might need to contact you if there’s an emergency.

If you have any questions or concerns about dock issues, please contact us. Our email: