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November 2019 Sales Newsletter







November 15th, 2019

Hello fellow collectors and enthusiasts!  As promised, Military Antiques and Museum has a surprise for you this month.  Kevin and Jason are working with other local militaria collectors and enthusiasts to change how we operate our retail space.  For now, the Museum will remain the same, all of the changes will be to the Store portion.  The work we will be doing is just short of a remodel, and it has taken lots of planning and effort to get to this stage, and will require a lot of time and effort in the next few months to accomplish.  There is a way you can help us with this remodel and you can benefit from the changes we are making.

For all of the moving around and re-working we will be doing, we would rather not move as much of our retail inventory as we have right now, and by move, we don't just mean to box it up and bring it back later, we want to sell it.  The more we sell, the easier we can make the changes to Military Antiques & Museum that will only add to what we have today.

To that end, we are offering a huge store-wide sale.  Everything in our retail store and everything on our website will be 50% beginning Friday, November 15th and going to December 31st, 2019.

That's right, 50% off!  Everything!

Use coupon code 2019fifty at checkout to automatically get 50% off the retail price of your order.

As a special thank you to our Newsletter audience, we are going to wait until Sunday, November 17th to list this discount coupon on the main page of our website.  That gives you folks two days to find the items you have been waiting to buy before the general public knows about the sale.  Better hurry!

Also do not get us wrong we are NOT closing/ moving or will not be available during this time.  The store will remain open we just want to reduce inventory while we are making changes.

*No discount on Shipping, no further discounts, orders must be paid within 48 hours or will be subject to cancellation, other exclusions may apply.


1) Items from the  91st Infantry Division  from WWI and WWII
2) 91st Infantry Division WWI "Yard long photos"
3)  Items relating to the 364th Infantry Regiment from WWI
4) WWI First Army related items.

We have removed all of the regularly 10% off items for the 50% off sale.  Below is a list of some of the new items this month:

Trivia Contest
No Correct guesses so far this month, the pot remains at $75.00.  We will give a great bonus clue this month:

Good Luck!

Bonus Clue:

11. I served during and after WWII.

Old Clues:

1. I once trained to be a teacher.
2. I almost died at a young age.
3. I successfully fought insurgents.
4. My mother and sister took jobs to pay for my schooling.
5. I also served in many civilian capacities.
6. I am not in active service.
7. I participated in many conflicts.
8. The country I was born in was under foreign rule at the time.
9. I wrote a book.
10. I have been photographed with famous dignitaries.


Each month we will post three new clues until the subject is identified and the prize will continue to increase in value $25.00 (store credit) each month until we have a winner.  The rules are simple:  You only get one try per newsletter (no multiple guesses) the first person to correctly identify the subject wins.  You can contact us at (707) 763-2220, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or send us an email with your answer to





Thank you for your support!


Kevin and Jason


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