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Lyophilization Technology, Inc. President To Receive Prestigious Pharmaceutical Science Award
Parenteral Drug Association to honor Edward H. Trappler for his outstanding contributions to the Advancement of Pharmaceutical Science
Ivyland, PA January 28th, 2021 - The 2021 Martin Van Trieste Pharmaceutical Science Award is to be bestowed on Edward Trappler, President, Lyophilization Technology, Inc. in conjunction with the upcoming Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) Annual Meeting. The award recognizes individuals for “Outstanding Contributions to the Advancement of Pharmaceutical Science for the Parenteral Drug Association”.

The Martin Van Trieste Pharmaceutical Science Award honors a PDA member for outstanding contributions made towards the advancement of pharmaceutical science. The award has been previously bestowed on many other expert contributors of the pharmaceutical industry, including Irving Pflug for his advancement on sterilization science, and John Shabushnig for his contributions on physical inspection.

Responding to the news, Trappler replies “It is a great honor to be recognized by my colleagues, and I am fortunate to receive this award. It is also special receiving an award in acknowledgment of another PDA member that has and continues to make significant contributions to our industry. I have great respect for Martin.”

He also reflects on the value of being a PDA member “Attending the meetings, being involved in conferences, committees and Interest Groups, and developing fruitful relationships with other PDA members has been a strong, positive influence in the growth of my professional career and enriched my personal life. Being a recipient of a PDA award, an organization I have received numerous benefits as a member over many years is a humbling experience. Thanks to all my PDA colleagues for selecting me for this honorable award.”
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