Volume 13 | Number 02
Luvk9s February monthly newsletter
There is nothing like the unconditional love of a dog, and what better day to celebrate the human / dog bond than Valentines Day! Check out this month's article about bonding with your dog and click on some of these fun links - for your dog! Happy Valentines day!

All you need is love ... and a dog!

Impulse control - game #5
Photo by Antonio Florentini from Pexels
It can be frustrating to attach your dog's leash to his collar when he's jumping uncontrollably in anticipation of a walk. This practical game teaches your dog that the faster he sits and stays, the sooner he goes on his walk.

Get your leash and wait until your dog is calm enough to pay attention. Ask him to sit and stay. Then start to move the leash clip toward his collar.

The second he breaks the sit/stay, very calmly say “oops” and hide the leash behind your back. Ask him to sit again. Once he is seated, move the leash clip towards his collar. If he stays seated, attach the leash and head for the door for your walk.

If he breaks the sit/stay, repeat the process of hiding the leash, asking him to sit, and moving the clip towards his collar.

Repeat as often as you need to until your dog understands that breaking the sit/stay makes the leash disappear.
Teach Fido to sit before attaching the leash.
Be patient; once your dog understands the game, you'll be starting your walk with a calmer dog.
Building a bond with your dog
Does your dog follow you around the house? Does he wait by the window and watch for you when you leave the house? Does your dog do the happy dance when you come home? Does your dog (usually) come when called? These are just a few of the many indicators that you probably have an excellent bond with your dog.

What exactly is bonding and why is it important?
Upcoming educational opportunities
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Classes in Big Canoe
Basic class starts Thurs. April 15 at 11 AM
Canine Good Citizen starts Thurs. April 15 at 1 PM

Classes in Ball Ground
Puppy class starts Sat, April 17 at 11 AM
Basic class starts Sat. April. 17 at 1 PM
Canine Good Citizen starts Sat. April.17 at 3 PM

*** NEW CLASS ***
AKC Novice Trick Dog Class
Starts Fri, April 16 at 11 AM in Ball Ground

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Learn this trick in Trick Dog class!

Basic obedience
Session #1 - emphasis on loose leash walking
Session #2 - emphasis on recall
New puppy workshops
Session #1 - basics & puppy agility
Session #2 - basics & puppy noseworks