• Elijah—Elijah is now 15 and has started his first job working at the Garden of Eden on Fridays at the Green Dragon. If you’re from Lancaster County that last sentence made sense. If you’re not from Lancaster County, the Garden of Eden is a produce stand located at the Green Dragon market in Ephrata. Elijah also volunteers here at BVI and is helping us with a few projects. He recently attended an Art & Design camp on the campus of Bob Jones University. 

  • Samuel & David—The twins turned 14 this summer. While their older brother was at his camp, they had some fun of their own sitting in on a BJUgrass practice on campus (see video below). They played along on several songs using their banjo and mandolin. This Bluegrass team from BJU will provide the special music at our upcoming BVI banquet on September 17th so we’re looking forward to a reunion. The twins and Elijah also spent a week at the Wilds in North Carolina where they were joined by other teens from our home church as well as two of their cousins.

  • Jesse & Ginger—Jesse (8) and Ginger (7) both are studying piano under Tracy Kilcup, our Assistant Director’s wife. In May they took part in their first recital and did great. Jesse and Ginger are like our second set of twins doing most everything together including losing teeth! 

  • Betsy—Betsy has recently started helping with the donation processing at BVI. The majority of this work can be done from home although I certainly don’t mind her being at the office more frequently. Besides overseeing the Luttmann clan’s education, she also finds time for video editing and most recently helping others transfer their old VHS and VHS-C tapes into digital form.  

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement as we grow as a family and work to make Christ known to children around the world. 

Tom & Betsy and family
JAM session with BJUgrass
project video made for CEF clubs here in PA