Ludlow Mill Complex early 1900s.
The Ludlow Manufacturing and Sales Co. made cloth, rope and twine out of Indian-grown jute, flax and hemp from the 1868s through the 1970s.

At its height in the years before World War I, Ludlow Manufacturing had about 4,000 employees. But the Great War disrupted the supply of jute fiber from India, so the company decided to open a mill there instead and started shifting production overseas. The  company began to demolish unused mill buildings, and in the subsequent decades, let the remaining mills fall into disrepair. 

We reclaimed massive heart pine timber from the mills, up to 40' long, dating back to the late 1800's. All unpainted, with beautiful circle sawmarks, and dense grain.  We are excited to save a part of this important piece of Massachusetts history.

The buildings are now being converted into mixed-use development, including retail, residential and commercial space. 

Egils  Artmanis, shown here, came to the Ludlow Mills Complex to handpick reclaimed wood for use in several new Kitchen restaurants all over the country.

Egils has partnered with The Kitchen restaurant group, creating community-focused neighborhood restaurants, while maintaining their world class caliber of food.

Their commitment to environmentally-friendly practices, including composting, wind power, eco-friendly packaging and recycling, made Jarmak Corp an obvious choice to partner with, as our wood is reclaimed and sustainable.




Bulfinch Lumber 

Located on Broad Street, this historic building was designed by legendary architect, Charles Bulfinch. Bulfinch worked on the Massachusetts State House and the overhaul of Faneuil Hall. 

The facade of the building is being preserved, and we will be salvaging the wood from the interior. Keep an eye out, it will be in our yard soon!
Jarmak Reclaimed Wood In Several New Coffee Shops

An international chain of coffee shops has set up shop in Boston, and they have chosen to use a variety of wood from Jarmak Corp to outfit their new locations. 

Our reclaimed spruce was used to make the table tops in this very busy location. 

Our barnwood siding, along with Oak wall cladding is also used throughout the shop.

   A prominent Boston attorney asked us to help him find a reuse for his barn in New Hampshire. 

   We don't usually get involved with these projects, but Keith is a friend and most importantly, his barn is                  exceptionally beautiful. It is two buildings, a 36'x36' frame and a 30'x40' frame joined together

   The wood is in exceptionally good shape and a great candidate for reuse.

   If you are interested in this great project, contact us!

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