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October 26, 2023


The holidays are just around the corner, and that means shopping. Everyone is looking for those special gifts for folks on their nice list, and the Aiken Chamber knows just where you can find those gifts….in Aiken


The Chamber’s BUY AIKEN - RED TICKET campaign urges shoppers to spend money in Aiken. And to make shopping in Aiken even more appealing, shoppers are being rewarded with potential cash prizes.


When you make a purchase of $25 or more from a participating business, you will receive a numbered red ticket. These tickets are entered into weekly drawings that begin at $100 in the first week and increase to three $1,000 awards. In total, $5,000 in cash prizes will be given out during the campaign, which runs from November 1 to December 18. Additionally, our sponsor Bridgestone has included a complete set of new tires in the grand prize drawing this year.


The BUY AIKEN-RED TICKET campaign was started after the pandemic as an initiative that encouraged our neighbors to step back from online shopping and step into our locally owned stores to complete their holiday shopping. In the first two years, over 120,000 red tickets were given away, equating to over $3 million spent locally through the campaign.

“Our members tell us they need people in their doors spending money. This campaign not only encourages buying in Aiken, but it is also a fun way to boost sales and reward shoppers with cash prizes,” said Chamber President/CEO J. David Jameson.

Follow @aikenchamber on Facebook and tune in every Monday at 4 p.m. for the weekly drawing. Winning ticket numbers will also be posted at www.aikenchamber.net. The grand prize drawing for three $1,000 prizes and the Bridgestone tires will be held Monday, December 18 at 4:45 p.m.

When you “Buy Aiken” you help Aiken businesses provide jobs for your neighbors and friends. When you “Buy Aiken”, you help fund city services such as road maintenance and funding for schools through sales tax dollars. When you “Buy Aiken”, you support those who support your children’s sports and area non-profits. When you “Buy Aiken”, you are investing in the character and prosperity of your hometown now and for the future. When you “Buy Aiken” from November 1 to December 18 you could win cash…and we know where you can spend it if you do.

“Small businesses are the heart and soul of Aiken. Join me to “Buy Aiken” everyday, but especially during the holidays,” said Jameson.

A ticket with the winning number must be presented to the Aiken Chamber of Commerce at 121 Richland Ave. E, Aiken, SC 29801 in person within 7 days of the drawing. Winners must be 18 years of age or older. A winning ticket not redeemed by the next drawing will be considered void and is not redeemable. Unclaimed prize money will be added to the drawing the following week. Weekly winners are not excluded from the grand prize drawings but are excluded from further weekly drawings. The winning grand prize tickets must be claimed by Wednesday, December 27, at 5 p.m. All winners agree to have their name and image used in Aiken Chamber of Commerce publications including newspaper articles, newsletters, website and social media. Taxes on prizes are the responsibility of the winner. 

#BuyAiken, #ShopSmall, #SmallBizSat

Navigating the "Battle Field"

In the ever-evolving landscape of today's professional world, we often find ourselves engaged in a constant battle – a relentless pursuit of our goals and aspirations. This battle is not fought on a literal battlefield but within the intricacies of our daily lives, where we strive to overcome obstacles, shatter glass ceilings, and redefine the notion of career longevity.

It is a terrain where traditional concepts of commitment to a single employer for decades have been giving way to a more dynamic and adaptable approach. So, do glass ceilings still exist in this ever-changing environment, and how can we market ourselves for sustained success in our current roles or make successful pivots to new ones?

In this era of endless possibilities, the ceiling that once restricted career growth is now evolving into an expansive sky. The Battle Field of today is not a place of confinement but a landscape ripe with opportunities. We are on the field daily, and we battle for success daily, but we must obtain the skills and tools needed to take the battle to the field and seize the countless opportunities that lie beyond it.

At the upcoming Aiken Chamber Women in Business luncheon, Dr. Catina Broadwater will break down this new Battle Field and identify the skills and tools we need to navigate it effectively.

With deep roots in the heart of South Carolina, Dr. Broadwater, embodies the spirit of resilience and adaptability that is essential in the Battle Field of modern career progression.

Currently serving as the Broker-in-Charge of Broadwater-Toole Realty, LLC., a boutique real estate agency in Aiken with 15 agents, Dr. Broadwater plays a pivotal role in the oversight of corporate initiatives that drive financial growth and company success.

In addition to her real estate leadership, Dr. Broadwater serves as a brokerage manager for UPS Supply Chain Solutions and actively participates in the family farm in Montmorenci.

Her diverse range of experiences and her commitment to various boards and committees, including the Aiken Chamber Board of Directors, City of Aiken Citizen Review Board, the Board of Aiken Association of Realtors, and the UPS Women's Leadership Development Committee, showcase her adaptability and dedication in the Battle Field of career progression.

With an educational journey that began in Aiken County Public Schools and led her to Aiken Technical College, Southern Wesleyan University, and Argosy University, Dr. Broadwater's story underscores the importance of lifelong learning and adaptability in today's professional world. Her story serves as an inspiring example of how one can successfully navigate the evolving professional landscape, shattering the ceilings that once existed and embracing the limitless opportunities that lie ahead.

Join us for Dr. Broadwater’s inspiring presentation at the Aiken Chamber Women in Business luncheon being held at Woodside Country Club on November 30 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Reservations should be made at www.aikenchamber.net. The cost to attend is $40 or a table of 8 with corporate signage for $300. 

If you're lucky enough to live in Aiken...

article by Jeff Wallace with an addition by the

Aiken Chamber professional team

And for those who know David Jameson, you know what comes next: … you’re lucky enough.

David is the president and CEO of the Aiken Chamber of Commerce and is the business community’s biggest supporter. For the past dozen-and-a-half years, he has been at the helm of the organization with his focus on business, but his eyesight also directed toward the quality of life for everyone.

This week, the silver-haired leader announced that he will retire at the end of February next year. David is unusual because of his longevity in this position and his ability to build bridges throughout the community. It is appropriate that David’s retirement coincides with the rarest of days – Feb. 29, Leap Day. What better time for this rare personality to call it a career.

No stranger to Aiken when he arrived for the Chamber position, David previously worked for six years at the Aiken and Edgefield counties Economic Development Partnership. Then he was off for other opportunities in Jasper, Bamberg and Colleton counties in South Carolina before heading to Fayetteville and Greensboro in North Carolina.

When the position with the Aiken Chamber opened, it didn’t take a lot of arm-twisting to get him to accept the job. In a calm and even-mannered approach, David went about building on the successes of the Chamber and providing new and innovative programs to grow membership and add value to being part of the organization.

At every turn over the past 18 years, he has been the leading advocate for the local business community with the overriding thought that if business excels, the community will thrive. He saw that if the Chamber is successful, the membership will be the beneficiary. Under his leadership, the Chamber received three five-star designations from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – no small feat in itself.

With an easygoing style, David has been able to surround himself with a team of employees and volunteers who build on his vision and turn ideas into successes.

I’ve been able to see first-hand how David quarterbacks his team, always putting the spotlight on others and understanding that success is about crossing the goal line and not in who carries the ball.

Before retirement, I was on the Chamber Board of Directors and afterward took part in a couple of projects under David’s leadership. As I worked with him, there was always a quiet, calm confidence in what he was doing and so many ideas bouncing around in his head it would mystify a world-class juggler. I came away from meetings with the notion that he must wake up each morning and the first thought being, “What next?”

With David, work has always been about putting Aiken first. The vehicle he has used is the Chamber. In retirement, I’m sure he will continue making an impact on the city and that he will be called on to help out in future undertakings. And more. There are grandchildren to dote on, and lots beyond the office for him to be looking forward to. He deserves it.

David is the recipient of the Order of the Palmetto, the state’s highest civilian honor. I’d like to suggest that he be given Aiken’s highest honor – the Order of the Horseshoe. Because if you’re lucky enough to know David Jameson and what he has accomplished, you’re lucky enough.

The above is a reprint of Jeff Wallace’s column published in the Aiken Standard, Oct. 21, 2023, THIS AND THAT: If you’re lucky enough to live in Aiken…

The professional staff of the Aiken Chamber agrees completely with the article, but we have one addition:

If you're lucky enough to have worked alongside David Jameson, you're not just lucky; you're inspired. His leadership at the Chamber has been a beacon of excellence, and his vision has truly shaped our community and each of us for the better. Working under David's leadership was like being part of something much larger than a job. It was a journey of growth and community development, and his legacy will forever be etched in Aiken's history.

The Aiken Chamber’s annual community guide and membership directory, Welcome Aiken, is underway for 2024.


Chamber members, now is the time to update your membership information and to market your business in the award winning publication.


The verification process of members’ information on file with the Chamber began last week. All members have been sent their specific information to verify, along with a marketing opportunity to purchase enhancements of their listing in the membership directory. Enhancements are available for as little as $150.


More than 8,000 copies of Welcome Aiken are distributed annually to newcomers, visitors, potential residents, current residents, and to business and industry for recruiting purposes. Members also receive a personal copy and are encouraged to support their fellow Chamber members by using the directory as their business-to-business resource.


Contact Dianne Phillips at dphillips@aikenchamber.net, or (803) 645-0169, for additional information.

A ribbon cutting was held on October 13 to help welcome Southern Mortgage & Real Estate Solutions, Powered by Loan Factory to the business community. Cutting the ribbon is Branch Manager / Mortgage Loan Originator, Dat Hoang, with Aiken Chamber President/CEO J. David Jameson. They are joined by members of the Aiken Chamber Ambassador Team. In search of a mortgage with low costs and rates but uncertain where to begin? Southern Mortgage & Real Estate Solutions unveils the behind-the-scenes workings of a mortgage broker, offering tools they utilize to find the best options for clients. Call Dat today at 706-223-0322 or learn more at https://www.loanfactory.com/dathoang/

The Aiken Chamber held a ribbon cutting on October 9 at Big Tree Medical to celebrate its grand opening. Located inside Hibbitts Drug Company, Big Tree Medical is a primary care provider of healthcare including chronic disease management, acute care, emotional well-being, and patient-centered care. Cutting the ribbon is Big Tree Medical, Family Nurse Practitioner, FNP-BC Cheryl Marvin and owner of Hibbits Drug Company, Amy Hibbitts. They are joined by Aiken Chamber President/CEO J. David Jameson, friends, family, staff, and members of the Aiken Chamber Ambassador Team. Located at 735 Main Street North, New Ellenton. Learn more about their services at: https://www.bigtreemedical.com/new-ellenton

On October 12, Merrick & Company held a ribbon cutting to celebrate the opening of its new Aiken headquarters located at 142 Coach Light Way. In 2019, Merrick opened its first office in Aiken with 8 employees (seen wearing the green polo shirts). Today they now boast over 80 full time employees at their Aiken office. Cutting the ribbon is Merrick & Company Project Manager Bill Taylor with Aiken Chamber President/CEO J. David Jameson. They are joined by staff members and the Aiken Chamber Ambassador Team. To learn more about Merrick & Company, visit: https://www.merrick.com/

On September 13 the Aiken Chamber held a ribbon cutting to help celebrate the grand opening of Bapa’s Food Mart. The travel center is located at 1234 Richland Ave. E. and boasts a new BP gas station, liquor store and food mart. Cutting the ribbon is owner Atul Patel, along with City of Aiken Mayor Rick Osbon, Aiken Chamber President/CEO J. David Jameson and Aiken City Councilwoman Gail Diggs. They are joined by staff members, family, friends, members of the Aiken Chamber Ambassador Team and staff from Chase Oil Company. Make sure to stop by today and experience their top-notch customer service as they truly exemplify their motto: “In the joy of others lies our own”. 

Aiken School of Cosmetology and Barbering Beauty Salon

We are committed to improving our students’ futures through motivation and providing a life-long experience to be leveraged in the ever-growing demand for quality in the beauty industry.

3084 Whiskey Road

Aiken, SC 29803

Contact: China Thomas

Phone: (803) 644-7133


Bapa’s Food MartConvenience Store

Located at the newly constructed Aiken Travel Center, patrons can expect top notch, friendly customer service. “In the joy of others lies our own.”

1234 Richland Avenue, East

Aiken, SC 29801

Contact: Atul Patel

Big Tree Medical Health Services

Primary care provider of healthcare including chronic disease management, acute care, emotional well-being, and patient-centered care inside of Hibbitts Drug Company.

735 Main Street North

New Ellenton, SC 29809

Contact: Cheryl Marvin

Phone: (573) 814-1170


Bill Cunningham FitnessPersonal Fitness Trainers

Personal fitness training from experienced trainers who care about you. Move Better, Feel Better, Get Stronger.

816 East Pine Log Road

Aiken, SC 29803

Contact: Bill Cunningham

Phone: (803) 622-5254


Curated Clothiers, LLC Apparel (Women)

Amazing things for women in an incredible environment. We will make your shopping experience unforgettable.

108 A Laurens Street, NW

Aiken, SC 29801

Contact: Terri Rourk

Phone: (803) 844-8180


DBD, Inc. Engineering (Nuclear)

Professional engineering and advisory company to complex and highly regulated industries. We provide engineering, project management and mission transformation services which reduce risk, add value, and facilitate positive change to major Department of Energy missions.

108 Laurens Street, NW, Suite B

Aiken, SC 29801

Contact: David Parr

Phone: (509) 450-7683


Enercon Services, Inc. Engineering (Nuclear)

Providing professional engineering and environmental services to customers in the power generation, power deliver, and related markets, including nuclear, renewable and conventional power generation, electric transmission and distribution, distributed generation, battery energy storage, EV infrastructure, and data centers.

230 Village Green Boulevard, Suite 210

Aiken, SC 29803

Contact: Sherry Jahan

Phone: (770) 919-1930


Meadow, Aiken Gifts & Accessories

Local family owned and operated boutique, specializing in thoughtfully curated luxe gifts and home decor in a beautifully restored cottage on Whiskey Road in Aiken.

1216 Whiskey Road

Aiken, SC 29803

Contact: Nikki Mackenzie

Phone: (803) 998-7522


Steed Paving Builders and Construction (Commercial & Residential)

Paving roads, parking lots and driveways since 1991.

102 Bates Hill Road

Jackson, SC 29831

Contact: Martin Steed

Phone: (803) 645-7734


Table Top ConsultingConsulting Services

900 Trail Ridge Road, Suite 151

Aiken, SC 29803

Contact: Mike Thomas

Phone: (706) 955-6298


Unity Dance Co. Recreational

Hip Hop majority based and offers ballet, tap and tumbling. The dance company’s mission is to help children develop confidence, fulfillment and joy in dance, while developing their individual potential and relationship to Christ. The practice of dance teaches patience, teamwork, perseverance, excellence, coordination, and concentration.

2146 Whiskey Road

Aiken, SC 29803

Contact: Amber Watson

Phone: (803) 998-2992


WECO Soap Co. Health & Beauty

We create fresh, rejuvenating, artisan bath products engineered to provide high-quality, natural ingredients to moisturize, exfoliate, brighten, and soothe your skin to keep your days brighter and cleaner.

809 Pond Drive

West Columbia, SC 29170

Contact: Brooke Priester

Phone: (803) 404-1516


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