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Merry Christmas everyone. The end of 2015 is already upon us and I want to thank everybody for helping so many in your community. I am sending you this email involving low back pain and also including lots of year end special deals that you may be interested in gifting to yourself. 

Dr. Jerome

Low Back Clinical Pearls
We as clinicians are all too familiar of the volume of people with low back pain and the decrease in their quality of life. Low back pain is responsible for 40% of all missed days from work, inhibits people from activities they enjoy, and chronic low back pain commonly affects the relationship with their loved ones due to not feeling up to those special moments that they used to do together. Those suffering from back pain also have a high predisposition to sleep disturbances, depression, and the list goes from there of the far reaching negative consequences decreasing overall health and quality of life. 

The July 15, 2003 edition of the the journal "Spine" compared the effectiveness of the chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture and medication (specifically Celebrex or Vioxx) to those suffering from chronic back pain. 

The treatment was applied for nine weeks, and re-evaluation showed the chiropractic adjustment group achieved the most significant benefit with zero adverse effects. The chiropractic group was 27.3% asymptomatic within nine weeks compared to 9.4% for acupuncture and 5% for medication. 

Patients who receive chiropractic adjustments know these benefits are true without reading this study, but the majority of back pain sufferers do not go to a chiropractor. 

A 2003-2006 study from the Health Research and Education Trust showed chiropractic utilization was limited to 3% of the estimated 100,000,000 people who suffer from back pain. 

Offering additional services is a sure-fire way to get additional patients who are currently not coming in for help. Practitioners who offer "Percussion" as a soft tissue technique, may appeal to new patients. In addition, the percussion soft tissue techniques will also enhance the benefits of the chiropractic adjustment. 

The psoas muscle is involved 100% of the time with those suffering from low back pain. The Erchonia Percussor is ideal to use for psoas corrections. The Percussor can also be used to work on glute fibers, sacral adhesions, and the list goes on and on for low back pain alone. And then there are the benefits of Percussion on any anatomical area of the body and the conditions patients need help with the most to build the value of your practice. 

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