Very dear friend,

Kjære venn,

Liebe Freunde,

First of all, may I apologize for being such a poor communicator over the past year and likely for the months to come. It hurts me a lot because I miss our contact very much! The reason is that I work up to 17 hours a day. I am therefore very thankful to Linda Hartling for sending this message out for me from her "Constant Contact" platform.

Darf ich mich zuallererst entschuldigen, dass ich im vergangenen Jahr ein so schlechter Kommunikator war und wohl auch in den kommenden Monaten bleiben werde. Es tut mir sehr weh, denn ich vermisse unseren Kontakt sehr! Der Grund ist, dass ich bis zu 17 Stunden pro Tag arbeite. Ich danke deshalb Linda Hartling, dass sie diese Nachricht für mich von Ihrer "Constant Contact" Platform aus verschickt.

I am happy to announce that my dear father is fine. He will soon turn 96 and he enjoys the nature that he can observe from his window. Here comes a little winter greeting from us!!

Mit Freude kann ich mitteilen, dass es meinem lieben Vater gut geht. Er wird bald 96 und er freut sich an der Natur, die er von seinem Fenster aus beobachten kann. Hier kommt ein kleiner Wintergruß von uns!!

I am glad that another book is finished, it will be out at the beginning of next year. Here is the link to the synopsis. The title is, From Humiliation to Dignity: For a Future of Global Solidarity. I am very grateful for the recommendations the book has received so far, see

Ich bin froh, dass ein weiteres Buch fertig ist, es wird Anfang des kommenden Jahres herauskommen. Hier ist der Link zur Synopsis. Der Titel ist: From Humiliation to Dignity: For a Future of Global Solidarity. Ich bin sehr dankbar für die Empfehlungen, die das Buch bisher erhalten hat, siehe

Another wonderful December workshop is behind us, thanks to the tireless efforts of Linda Hartling, with whom I lead our global work. More than 150 people from more than 30 countries were with us. I will complete the website of the workshop in the coming weeks so that everyone can experience the workshop again through the recordings. See

Ein weiteres wunderbares Dezember Workshop liegt hinter uns, dank des unermüdlichen Einsatzes von Linda Hartling, mit der zusammen ich unsere globale Arbeit leite. Mehr als 150 Menschen aus mehr als 30 Ländern waren dabei. Ich werde in den kommenden Wochen die Webseite des Workshops vervollständigen, so dass jeder das Workshop anhand der Aufnahmen nachträglich noch einmal erleben kann. Siehe

In deep gratitude and in the hope that we can meet again soon and hug each other, wishing you the strength we all need for the coming year, allow me to send you all my love, together with my father, 

yours always,


I dyp takknemlighet og i håp om at vi snart kan møtes igjen og klemme hverandre, og med ønsket om at vi alle må ha nok styrke for det kommende året, sender jeg deg all min kjærlighet, sammen med min far,

din Evelin

In tiefer Dankbarkeit, und in der Hoffnung, dass wir uns bald wiedersehen und umarmen können,

und mit dem Wunsch, dass wir alle die nötige Kraft für das kommende Jahr haben mögen,

schicke ich Dir ganz viel Liebe, zusammen mit meinem Vater,

Deine Evelin 


If you would like to be reminded of what our global work consists of, here is an overview:

Hvis du ønsker å bli minnet på hva vårt globale arbeid består av, her er en oversikt:

Wer erinnert werden möchte, woraus unsere globale Arbeit besteht, hier ist ein Überblick:

Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HumanDHS) is a global transdisciplinary community of concerned scholars, researchers, educators, practitioners, creative artists, and others, who all collaborate in a spirit of mutual support to understand the complex dynamics of dignity and humiliation ( We wish to stimulate systemic change, globally and locally, to open space for dignity, mutual respect and esteem to take root and grow. Our goal is ending systemic humiliation and humiliating practices, preventing new ones from arising, and opening space for feelings of humiliation to nurture constructive social change, so that we all can join in healing the cycles of humiliation throughout the world. We do our best to cultivate a relational climate characterized by dignity, by walking our talk, and by mutual personal growth. For more than a decade, our relational approach has been sustainable, it has offered a new model of collaborative action, a replenishing relational-organizational climate that is constantly evolving and growing with, rather than at the expense of, the people involved. Our work is a labor of love and maintained entirely by volunteers who give their time and energy as a gift. All our efforts are pro bono and not-for-profit endeavors. The nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015, 2016, and 2017 gave all our members great courage; it has been life-saving for many who risk their livelihoods or even their lives to advance dignity in the world (see

We are currently around 1,000 personally invited members from all continents, more than 8,000 friends on our address list, and our website is being accessed by between 20,000 and 40,000 people from more than 180 countries per year since its inception in 2003. In 2011, we launched our World Dignity University Initiative ( and our not-for-profit publishing house Dignity Press, which has published many books since 2012 ( We organize two conferences per year: We gather for one global conference in a different world region each year, which has led us since 2003 to Europe (Paris, Berlin, Oslo, Dubrovnik), Costa Rica, China, Hawai'i, Turkey, Egypt, New Zealand, South Africa, Rwanda, Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, Indore in Central India, and the Amazon in Brazil. Then we come together a second time each December for our Workshop on Transforming Humiliation and Violent Conflict at Columbia University in New York City, with late Morton Deutsch as our honorary convener since 2003. We have gathered more than 35 conferences all around the world since 2003. See for a list of past and future conferences

From Dignity to Humiliation Book Synopsis