Issue 38 - September 24, 2017
Editor's Note...
Swami has often reminded us that life and time must be treated with extreme care, and also as very sacred. And of course, out of the 84 lakh species, man has been bestowed with the rarest boon , to be born as a human being and to spend life on this earth. 

Swami’s message to the Sai youth around the world this week:

“It is very rare to find a human birth amongst all the other beings or species. Having attained this rarest of the human birth, one must be extremely careful in the way one uses it. Every moment that one spends as a human being on this earth, must be weighed in gold and spent carefully. In fact, it is even more valuable than gold - I am only telling 'gold' because that is what we know, because even by giving gold one cannot buy a moment that has already gone. Is it possible to gain back even one minute or one moment of your life, even if you offer all the wealth that you may have to the God of death? Therefore, more than the most valuable things on earth is the time of this life, that has been granted to human beings. Do not waste it. Be selfless.”

Yours in His Service,

Bhuvana Santhanam
Service Updates
Celebrating Our Inner Child
August is an important month in Argentina because Child’s Day is celebrated. The youth got ready for this important day and collected donations of toys, clothes, candies and gifts. On August 19, 2017, fifteen medical clowns offered their help to celebrate Child’s Day together with eleven children who were in Rivadavia Hospital that day. Older children painted mandalas with human values and shared brunch with their parents and the volunteers. Babies received hygiene items and nappies and played more dynamic games. Everybody received gifts, love and smiles. Their parents were extremely grateful for the care their children received on this special day.
An Obstacle that Became an Opportunity
After five months of doing service, the group of devotees made an evaluation of the results from the Values Classes given in Rene´s Gym. Among other things they detected deficiencies in reading comprehension and mathematics in the primary aged children. Keeping in mind these deficiencies, the teachers in the devotees group enthusiastically proposed giving Remedial Reading Classes, and immediately acquired the material needed.
Bimonthly ‘Street Patrol’ Service Activity
The street patrol service consisted of delivering food packages to the homeless living on the streets near Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto’s business hub. These care packages consisted of five items: one fruit (an apple or banana), one water bottle, two protein bars and one carton of chocolate milk. The Sai youth delivered these care packages and engaged in meaningful conversations with the homeless.
Alberta, Surrey, Vancouver BC
Youth Service September 2017
Demonstrating the love for Swami, the youths from Alberta expanded its service by joining the youths and elders in Surrey and Vancouver, BC to serve food packets to the Tent City. The youths of Canada are determined to transform communities by overcoming poverty, homelessness, and addiction one life at a time. The youths found a need to serve the residents of Tent City, Surrey BC.
Northern California Service
Bhagawan is the Doer of all Actions
Bhagawan who meets more and more devotees and inspires them on the path of Dharma and Seva , gave the people of the Bay area the impetus to grow their selfless service activities when he visited in June, 2017. The energy that Bhagawan gifted during the trip was exactly what the people needed. There is more joy as the devotees pursue “Ceiling on Desires” and putting it into practice and thereby doing selfless Seva .
Houston Youth Hurricane Harvey Seva
A group of seven Houston youth along with help from some adults assessed the damage to their neighbourhoods and started gathering volunteers' names. The work was split into gathering materials (respirators, gloves, rubbish bags, duct tape, crow bars, and hand saws), preparing home-cooked food for the volunteers, and the hard work of hauling furniture and mopping floors, stripping carpets and baseboards, and cutting up and removing affected sections of drywall, all while dressed in heavy, protective workwear. It was work that would have taken the residents days to do themselves.
Southern California - Santa Ana Service
Helping Those Struggling to Hang on to Life
Earlier this month the group had the opportunity to visit the Civic Center in Santa Ana. They spent a few hours walking around tents full of people who have, what some would consider nothing. The youth distributed water and crackers to those who were in dire need for it. As they approached the tents, a man stood up and looked at them with the biggest smile and sigh of relief, alerted his family of the youth’s arrival and ran up to them, thanking them for the water and food.
Surrender and Faith
I left Venezuela almost half a year ago, looking for a better quality of life due to the critical situation we are going through in Venezuela.
On the trip, there were a lot of difficulties so, when I arrived in Argentina, I was in a worse situation than at the beginning of my trip...

One day I received an invitation to a meeting, I had no idea what it was, but even so I went. It was a gathering of devotees of Sai Baba. The love I received from those people, who until then were complete strangers to me, made me feel hopeful again. Since that first meeting ...