Love Makes A Family

And Love Makes Embryo Adoption Successful!

Isn't it wonderful that in the middle of winter we celebrate L-O-V-E? If you stop to think about it, the power of love is really quite remarkable.

At Snowflakes Embryo Adoption, we see the amazing impact of love every single day. It is in love that families with remaining embryos place them for adoption. It is in love that adopting families provide embryos their very first home in mom's uterus. It is in love that these babies are brought into the world and into families where they receive their first lessons in love.

Love is...

The Secret Ingredient Any Embryo Adoption Must Have

Read about it from a dad's perspective...

Embryo Donation Expands Family

"I love their family dearly because they are included when I define what ‘family’ means to me!"

Family. It’s such a basic word that is used frequently by most of us, but I think if we each shared what that word ‘family’ means to us, we would find that we have very different definitions.

Keep reading to learn how these families define 'family'

We have Waiting Embryos

and over 40 partner clinics across the United States

If you have explored adoption at all you know that it is often a lengthy process, seemingly full of hurry-up-and-wait!

The Snowflakes program works with 40 fertility clinic preferred partners with locations throughout the U.S. to help speed you to your goal: get pregnant and have a baby!

Snowflakes has been providing adoption services for over 25 years now. We continually refine our processes to help our families move through the program quickly. And, we have new placing parent families join us every week who are seeking a loving adopting family like yours!

Have you been waiting for an embryo match? Waiting for clinic appointments? Call us today and learn more about Snowflakes from our expert staff.


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In celebration of Snowflakes Baby 1,000, we have created a Facebook group for the Snowflakes Community. This is a place to build community and ask questions! This is meant to be an educational group. The group is open to all and we want Snowflakes families who have placed or adopted through the program to help us welcome and educate all who are interested in learning more about Snowflakes. Share your love, knowledge and experience to help others choose embryo donation and adoption.

A Bunch of Boys... and sweet Zella

Welcome to the Snowflakes Family


A & K welcomed their son John #1004

M welcomed her son Liam #1005

E & T welcomed their son Collin #1006

M & M welcomed their son Lucas #1007

S & B welcomed their son Benedict #1008

N & N welcomed son Joshua #1010

R & F welcomed their daughter Zella #1011

M & P welcomed son Samuele #1012

S & B welcomed their son Henry #1013

Liam is such a bright-eyed little guy!

Collin is one chill dude!

Hello World! Lucas says, "Thanks Mom & Dad."

Joshua is sleeping so peacefully

Sweet Zella is all snuggled up in her bow and blanket

Samuele has been expertly swaddled and is dreaming of race cars!

Henry is so kissable!

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