Issue 8 - February 19, 2017
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Editors Note...

Swami has often reminded us that 'Love is God, live in love.' Anything can be achieved with the power of love. Love is the divine power that bestows on us the courage to overcome difficulties. And how fortunate are we to have God Himself with us, the very embodiment of pure and unconditional love? Developing love for God and compassion for fellow beings is key.

Swami's message to the Sai youth around the world this week:

"A portrait can be hung on the wall only if the nail is strong. If the nail shakes, the portrait cannot be hung. Similarly, unless the individual is strong, the society cannot be strong. If the society is not strong, the nation cannot be strong, and if the nation is not strong, how can the world be strong? For any individual, the fundamental aspect is 'Daiva Preeti' or Love for God which is like the root of a tree, and 'Papa Bheeti' or Fear of Sin is the trunk and 'Sangha Neeti' or Morality in Society is the branches of the tree. Deeper the roots, stronger will be the tree.

You should not seek anything other than divine love. There is nothing superior to love in this world. You should focus your mind on God, perform the daily activities keeping God as your goal. Only then will your human birth find fulfilment. One should strive to attain the grace of God and not be deterred by difficulties and losses."

So brothers and sisters, all we need to do is become a channel of His love, and march forward in His footsteps of selfless love and selfless service.

Yours in Sai Service,

Bhuvana Santhanam

BRAMMA,NANDA,SKANDA,CHANDRA,DAIVA are the names of the five hills where the river Chitravati River originates near Chikballapur, the place where saints and renunciants used to go to pray, meditate and do penance thousands of years ago. And although the villagers feared to be around these places because of the strange sounds that came from it, which they considered evil, the first school was opened there in 1973. 
By hearing the sacred Om, the villagers realised that the strange sounds that filled up the place were nothing else but the Om. 
This is why it is given the name of Muddenahalli; according to what was explained to me later on, “muddana” means Ananda, and “halli” means villa, that in the Paly language would mean Villa of Ananda (a paradise place). 
Service in Alberta

As a follow-up to last month's service, the youth decided to continue serving homeless of Downtown Edmonton area. During food distribution, the youths learned the importance of saving and utilizing the abundance gifted by Bhagawan. The feeling of oneness was strongly felt while preparing and serving. 

Rene, a reformed drug addict and ex-gang member, after  work in a construction company dedicates every afternoon, Monday through Friday, to giving free boxing lessons to children in his community, ages 6 to 21.  The gym known as “Salvando Angeles” (Saving Angels) was named so because he wanted to save his two children, Angel and Angelina, from the gangs.   

Brothers and sisters, an extremely emotional moment that Sai Ashraya will soon be a reality. Imagine a house for orphaned children and youth, where Love is taught, Love is fed, Love is nurtured and that too in the heart of Bay Area.

Bhagawan explained the need for this, “If we serve a person who is already aged, transformation occurs more slowly because of his already constructed mind and habits. But, if we were to shower love and inspire transformation in the heart of a young mind, they will grow to be wonderful citizens and they will, in turn, touch the hearts of other people of the nation as they grow up”. Can anyone explain this so beautifully? Bhagawan continued “The only difference between your children and the children on the streets is the opportunity that was provided to some while many lacked that. Once we show children what is Love that is enough, Love will nurture Love”. 

For more information, or to register, visit

Youth Satsang and Updates
   The most awaited discussion of Swami's visit to United States in June 2017 was   announced. 

Sunnyvale, Northern California                         Sunday,   June 18
Orange County, Southern California                 Saturday, June 24
Homeless Shelters - A Lottery System!
Service in Bay Area
“Shelters don’t do enough to improve our way of life; all they provide is food and a bed. It would be good if shelters help in finding jobs. Our life is like a circle: if we win the shelter lottery, we get food and a bed for 90 days, after which we are on the streets again. Our lives are completely dependent on a random algorithm that the computer uses to identity us who get shelter.”
Manava Seva is Madhava Seva
Service in Southern California
There are anywhere between 1.5 and 2.8 million homeless and street youth in the US. If they all lived in a single city, it would be the seventh largest city in the country.
Feed The Need
Service in Texas
  As the New Year’s last Sunday of the month approached, Bhagawan showed the youth of Texas yet again that they were not alone in carrying out His mission.
Men’s Shelter of Union Gospel Mission
Service in Seattle

Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission provides emergency and long-term recovery services to homeless people in the greater Seattle area. UGM (Union Gospel Mission) started serving soup to thousands of homeless and unemployed people during the great depression and today, even after 80 years UGM continues to care for their neighbors in many more ways.