Issue 43 - November 5, 2017
Inspirational Note...
On His 2015 trip to Italy, Swami was asked how one can help others without them taking advantage of our service:

When you do any service, there are two things that you must know: one, whether whom you want to serve deserves your service; and second, more importantly, whether you deserve to serve them. Most of the time we ask whether the other person truly deserves our help. Rarely do we question ourselves whether we deserve to help them, in the first place. What you talk about today is whether they deserve your help or not. However, what I ask you today is whether you deserve to serve at all. Any service done with any expectation is not selfless. Once you have helped someone, because your heart told you so, don’t even turn back and see what they have done with it. Once it is given away, it is no more yours and there is no way you can claim it or judge what was done with it. However, listen to what your heart says and then serve.
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 Service Updates
Gospel Hostel And
Valelevu HART Nursing Home Medical
Fiji October 07, 2017

With Swami’s grace, the volunteers and members of Sai Prema Foundation Fiji had a wonderful opportunity to serve people in two places on the very same day. The first was the Gospel Hostel for Deaf children, and the second one was Valelevu HART nursing home which houses mainly elderly people who are not able to fend for themselves.
On that morning, the group of volunteers met up at the Gospel Hostel for Deaf and after a quick debrief session, they divided themselves amongst the hostel for deaf children and the Valelevu HART nursing home. 
Sri Sathya Sai Asia Pacific Medical Outreach Programme
(Penang, Malaysia)
With the Divine guidance of our dearest Lord, the youth of Malaysia have been organising weekly Seva activities such as serving packed home cooked lunch to a few identified families who were in need, and dinner for the homeless at Penang Island a state located over three hundred fifty seven kilometres (357k.m.) north of the capital city of Malaysia. The youth of Sai Krupa, after consultation with the head of a primary school, are providing lunch for children in the school who stay back for extra classes from Monday to Thursday.
The medical volunteers comprised of general medical officers, a paediatrician and a gynaecologist to enable extensive care, treatment and prescription of medication. Free glasses were given to needy individuals through the advice of the optometrist. Additionally, seven pairs of reading glasses were given to elderly patients while ten pairs of glasses were provided to the younger ones. The glasses were gifted by the optometrist to these patients at no cost.
Medical Service in Australia
Divine Mother and Child Health programme screenings in Murwillumbah, Melbourne and Perth were conducted by health practitioners and young adults on October 01, 2017.

As part of the Divine Mother and Child Health programme young adults from Brisbane, Gold Coast and Murwillumbah with the help of nurses and dentists from the Health in Kind Foundation conducted medical and dental screenings on October 01, 2017 in Murwillumbah, New South Wales. The health practitioners realised the great need for screening younger women due to the mental and physical effects that carry on to the next generation if their health is neglected from a very young age. They could also see the damage in the older children due to the mental and emotional activity of the parents influenced from a very young age, hence the need for screening expecting mothers early, as guided by Swami. In Melbourne, young adults setup free dental and medical screening which they used as time to work and plan for future screening opportunities.
Transformation, the True Mark of Happiness
With my deepest gratitude and love towards Swami, I thank him for giving me this opportunity to share my transformation which took place years back and Swami had been part of it.
At the age of seven years old, I was highly suspected of having dengue fever. I was down with high fever for more than a week. My parents had to rush me to the hospital frequently and they also had to spend a lot of money too, as I also had to have a blood test frequently to reconfirm the dengue fever. I felt really weak and sick. My mother kept on praying to Swami to cure me as fast as possible. She believed and had extreme faith on Swami.