Issue 17 - April 23, 2017
Editors Note...

Have we ever stepped back for a moment to retrospect and introspect the reason for all the projects which Swami undertakes, be in hospitals, schools, colleges, Asharms, or any humanitarian project for that matter, and gives us an opportunity to be a part of it? The merciful and compassionate Lord has always reminded us, and continues to make us understand that ultimately all this is only to reach Him, and become Him! And how can we do that? By evolving internally every single moment, as these acts of kindness and service stirs something at the very core of our existence, and by ultimately realising that at the end of the day, we are all divine beings.

Swami's message to the Sai youth around the world this week:

"An impure heart can never be able to understand the divine principle, even though divinity exists at all times, everywhere. Yet only those emanating from pure hearts, can perceive and experience it. All the Seva that is done, is for cleansing of the heart! When you serve, the first beneficiary is you. What Seva does to an individual is far more important than what it does to others. You must realise this truth that I have been telling you all the time, and thereby find fulfilment."

Yours in His service,

Bhuvana Santhanam

Dearest Youth of the world!

Om Sai Ram!

What glorious times we live in when the Lord Himself is travelling from country to country to answer prayers of His devotees by giving solutions to their medical, educational, social and life problems. 

How blessed we youth are that He is giving us mere mortals an opportunity to become His eyes, hands and feet. Are you ready to become Him? He's waiting! Don't waste this opportunity. It is time that we become leaders of our nations and role models in society by becoming living examples of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. 

To become living, walking, talking and doing Sathya Sai Babas of this world, it is essential that we internalise and imbibe the very life, message and teachings of the Lord and seek to extract the Divinity within. 

To help us on this path, the Lord has graciously given us a blueprint in the form of a 9-point Sadhana Plan:
1. Daily prayers and pranayam 
2. Daily meditation 
3. Daily reading of a spiritual text
4. Once a week devotional singing and study circles 
5. One selfless act a day
6. Weekly service initiatives to serve the poor and needy
7. In-depth involvement in a major service project undertaken by your country 
8. Ceiling on our desires
9. Controlling the external and internal senses and undertake disciplined spiritual exercises to realise that Swami in the indweller of our heart

This royal pathway to spirituality is a boon from our dear Lord. Let us cherish it and offer our gratitude to Him by seriously undertaking every one of the nine prescribed steps and making it an integral part of our lives.

May He bless us all with His Divine love & grace. 

Love and Sai Ram
Sumeet Tappoo and Bhuvana Santhanam 
(World Youth Coordinators)
 Service Updates
Sai Youth Respond After Cyclone Debbie’s Recent Devastating Floods 
Sai Youths Respond to Needs of Families after Cyclone Debbie’s Devastating Floods Recently
Murwillumbah is a town situated at the base of Mount Warning in New South Wales, Australia , approximately two hours south of Brisbane City. Recently with devastation effects of Cyclone Debbie, the whole town and surrounding areas where subject to major floods.

The overnight flooding of the Tweed River left many residents stuck in their houses without food and water, with shops either closed or left with bare shelves. The youth residing in Murwilllumbah worked incessantly to cook and provide food to families with an immediate need and informed youth in Brisbane of the dire immediate need of food such as bread and milk. 

Without wasting any time, youth in Brisbane gathered quickly and loaded a van with bottles of water, boxes of milk, all the bread they could source from local shops and boxes of cereals and headed down in the early hours of the next day to provide food and to assist people in Murwillumbah at the break of dawn.
Children of God 

The youth of Sai Prema Foundation had made two visits to Dilkusha home - an orphanage, which is home to thirty seven children. On the first visit, back to school packs and afternoon tea were provided to the children as well as spending some quality time.

On the second visit, a mini medical camp was successfully performed where these children were seen by a doctor, dentist, received nutritional advise from a dietician and were provided with free medication. 

Brother Sumeet Tappoo presented Swami with a pictorial report of the service conducted by the youth of Fiji and this is the message sent to the youth of Sai Prema Foundation after his interview with Swami...
Narayana Seva - Food Delivery

The youths of Malaysia formed a small team to deliver food to the poor and needy around selected areas at the state of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia. The need for this was tested as a pilot Seva project couple of months back. ‘Narayana Seva – Food Delivery’ has then been decided as an important need to the surrounding society. Hence, every Sunday, the small team of youths gather to provide freshly cooked and packed food from the Sai Ananda Ashram at Malaysia.

At present, the need for this has been identified at six different locations. Approximately thirty packets are delivered weekly to the door step of each recipient.

The joy and thankfulness of each recipient is as if God himself had knocked their doors and provided food on their tables. The time to serve is now and every opportunity that comes by are mere chances to share our love and Swami’s love with others.  
"When we truly love God, we love everyone. Merely theoretical knowledge of the idea of loving all is no good. It has to be practiced, and this can only be done when love is translated into service.

Divine Discourse, January 6, 2016 – Malaysia.
Singapore Youth Join Malaysia Youth in  Seva Project

This past weekend, five youths from Singapore made use of the three-day break that coincided with Good Friday and Easter to engage in a Seva weekend at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their intention was to learn from the Malaysian devotees, engage with them in Seva, and liaise with them in view of the Asian Youth Meet planned for August at Kuala Lumpur. 

Upon arrival in Kuala Lumpur on Friday, the youth had an impromptu Satsang at Uncle Ayyavoo and his wife Aunty Vimala’s home along with several Malaysian youth. It was a soul-stirring session as Uncle Ayyavoo shared his journey in building and leading the Sai Ananda Ashram at Kuala Lumpur and how Swami has guided him every step of the way. The youth were very moved when Uncle Ayyavoo emphasized that any amount of time that is not spent devoted to Swami is a waste of life. This was amply demonstrated by the Malaysian team over the next two days, as they immersed themselves in Seva 

The youth of Singapore also got a chance to engage in these Seva activities with them. This included a programme called ‘Ananda Cares’ where employment is given to underprivileged women and grannies, childcare programmes are provided for their children. The Singaporean youth donned gloves, masks, and hats, and turned into ‘bakers’ for a few hours as they helped the women there produce baked goods which would be sold and in turn, given as income to the women.

They also helped in the buying and cutting of vegetables in preparation for the various meals that Sai Ananda provides to hundreds of people around the Batu Caves area and beyond. There was also a provision camp by Sai Ananda where big bags of non-perishable goods were distributed to needy families, and the Singaporean youth had a hand in packing these bags. They also got a small taste of the extensive Education in Human Values programme at Sai Ananda and were moved by the discipline, devotion, and dedication of the Malaysian children and Gurus alike... 

English Taught at Bal Vikas  Classes
On March 5, 2017, the youth of Indonesia continued a routine of Bal Vikas classes at Sai Pooja Ashram. An Ashram Swami visits, which is located at town called Ubud located at Bali, Indonesia.

These classes aim to teach the Bal Vikas students, love, compassion based materials and English lessons. Most of the Bal Vikas sessions at Indonesia were not proficient in English. These students are taught English at school, yet there is a lack of active English speaking.

Most children can’t speak fluently in English. The students understand the language but they lack conversation skills. The youths of Indonesia gathered to volunteer and teach during Bal Vikas.  The youths constantly encourage the students to speak English more actively. These students were shy at the beginning, but by the end of every lesson they all had a little more confidence in speaking and conversing.