Editors Note...
It is said, the one with the least desire is the richest, and Swami always reminds us “Man minus desire is God”. He has always urged the youth to practice ceiling on desires. And the Lord in His infinite compassion has been showing us the path, so that we may take action seriously in our lives. During the Asia Pacific Youth Meet 2016 in Bali, Swami gave the nine point Sai Sanjeevani Sadhana Plan for all the Sai youth around the world. Please allow me to reiterate it here again:

1. Daily Meditation
2. Daily Prayers & Pranayama
3. Daily Reading of spiritual text
4. Once a week Bhajan with family
5. Fortnightly Seva
6. One selfless act a day
7. Involve yourself in major country project - Ashram, hospital, etc (once a month)
8. Ceiling on Desires
9. Control of Internal and External senses, and developing faith that Swami is the resident of our heart

Ceiling on Desires is one of the nine points, which Swami has stressed every youth to diligently practise. Quickly acting on Swami's command, the Sai Youth of Fiji have now embarked on a monumental 'Ceiling on Desires' programme by motivating youngsters to give up a desire or habit and save "$1 A Day". Through this initiative, the youth have made a resolve to totally support the "Gift Of Life" free heart surgeries for the underprivileged children of Fiji. The free heart surgeries undertaken by the Sai Prema Foundation Fiji together with the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital Raipur, in conjunction with Government of Fiji's Ministry of Health, and the abundant grace of Swami and blessings, will save the lives of  numerous poor and needy children. Currently, Fiji does not offer any pediatric cardiac facilities and most of these children remain untreated as they are unable to afford overseas treatment. A small step is all set to wipe tears away.

Swami’s message to all the youth this week:

“Ceiling on Desires is an important project for the youth around the world. Many youth are simply going and buying things which they don't use. They are wasting money, time, energy, food and ultimately life. Youth should not do that! This is a precious time. After this time passes, even if you want to do something, your body will not cooperate, your mind will not work, after which you will not be able to do anything. Ceiling on Desires helps you not waste money. But desires do not only mean wasting money. Desires also mean not wasting time, energy, money and even words; saving all the resources God has endowed you with!”

As Swami is urging Sai youth in every country to take up this initiative with utmost earnestness and sincerity, it is time for us to contemplate and understand ‘Ceiling on Desires’ in the right perspective.

Yours in Sai Service

Bhuvana Santhanam
Satsang and Service Updates
One of the tasks was to prepare the prasadam for the attendees. Among some items selected as souvenirs, one devotee had a “divine inspiration" and suggested handcrafted chocolates with the human values stamped on them.
Satsang in Buenos Aires

After the visit of Sai in His subtle form, there remained an ineffable wake of joy and hope in our hearts, and also a concrete task to develop. His presence lifted our souls and helped us to contact us with that deep and sublime place in which we want to install and from which we want to live.

Service Activities in Alberta

The youths served 91 homeless and the less fortunate on the streets of Edmonton. Packets of nutritional bars and fruit juices were distributed. Weekly distributions of banana and milk packets are in process. After a needs analysis, it was observed that nutritional meals had to be served.

One World One Sai is an initiative introduced by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in His subtle to the youth of USA.  From here all His service and mission activities happening across the world are shared.  For decades our Lord has said to unite as one, become an instrument and evolve our conscience.

"The youth is the force, the youth must bond like brothers and sisters".

One World One Sai is an online platform for youth to search for service opportunities based on their interest, skill set and location and serve as volunteers based on the need.

The mission of One World One Sai is to unite youth of all nations and to help realise oneness by assisting in individual self-transformation and by providing a platform to help others help themselves to transform.

One World One Sai is a platform, a single location to Engage, Interact and Create an Impact. Over the next 12 months there are plans to add many features to this platform.
For more information, or to register, visit  http://www.oneworldonesai.com
On the Divine Command and guidance from Our Lord the youth of USA has been active in pursuing His Vision.
"Find a permanent solution to homelessness"
The solution is to start changing at your own level. Looking at you, others will change. It may take time, but it will be a permanent solution. The education
system must change, the way parenting is happening in America must change. When parents, teachers and students come together, societies will change, and it is
society which has to drive the change; governments cannot! It is not going to come from the government to the individual....

 Awareness program I,October 2016
Awareness program II, Jan 2017
Homeless Seva thons in USA
Christmas Hoodie Service San Francisco , CA
  On November 23, 2016, some of us were driving around San Jose and San Francisco, overwhelmed after Bhagawan’s 91st birthday celebrations. With the season changing and the chills settling in, it was rather an uneasy sight to see homeless people on the streets struggling to stay warm during the evenings, when the mercury dipped.
Service in Birmingham, AL
Jessie’s place is located in the city known for the civil rights activism of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose birthday falls on January 16th.  “Sai-incidentally,” this national holiday was celebrated by over 1,500 volunteers in the city, who participated in the 50+ projects that made up the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service.
Manava Seva is Madhava Seva
Service in Southern California
We wanted to do Seva to homeless people present in our area and assist them with job search. We began discussing about this and researched on areas that needed help, it was a difficult task since we were quite spread across the region and wanted a location that would work for all.
Feed The Need
Service in Houston, Texas

Shortly after returning home, one youth went back to his car just to clean up and was utterly surprised to see an entire bag full of lunch bags in the trunk of the car! He drove back on his own to downtown and handed out the bags one by one to the needy. We don’t know if the big blue bag was simply missed or it mysteriously appeared, but it was a beautiful experience for that YA as well as for the other youth who were truly inspired by his immense dedication” …

Satsang & Events
India Republic Day Celebrations

On January 21st, 2017 SAI Global Mission promoted Nation Building Through Healthcare, Education, and Nutrition celebrating India’s Republic Day.  The Guest of honor was a legendary Santoor Artist, Rahul Sharma, Son of Padma Vibhushan Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma. As part of the celebration, notable singers and accomplished musical instrumentals and Indian dance schools participated in the event.

USA Monthly Youth Satsang
American Youth Satsang in Milpitas, California

Why do we go to Muddenahalli ? 
Why do we go to Puttaparthi ? 

Why do we go to Shirdi or Ayodhya or Mecca or Vatican or any holy place?

If Bhagawan is everywhere, what do we gain by going to a particular holy place? Why does our heart yearn to go to a spiritual place when God is actually omnipresent? One of the devotees recently asked Bhagawan’s permission to go to Kailash...