Ever since dearest  Swami’s  Divine visit to the Netherlands in April 2016, a group of young devotees have bonden together to offer ourselves for  Swami’s  mission.  Swami  had lovingly named and blessed the Netherlands group – ‘Sai Anandam’. Swami Commanded   the group to create a multi-faith library in the Netherlands. 

Through His infinite compassion, He guided them step-by-step along the way - from choosing the location to putting the right furniture in place. Each and every item like the bookshelves, the flooring, the walls, all came together from different sources, but they all perfectly matched! It was like divine puzzle pieces coming together. The group knew it is the Lord, after all, who is the Divine designer! 

In 2016, during the divine visit to the Netherlands, Swami  graciously inaugurated the Sai Anandam Library. The library now holds over 3,000 individual records, with books of different religions and of more than 40 spiritual masters, and from over 12 languages. Swami instructed the group to expand the collection and so they continuously register new books from different religions and philosophies.