Issue 39 - October 1, 2017
Editors Note...
We must do everything for the love of God, and all our actions and it’s results that arise there from, are the fruits that we must offer. When we address all our Karmas to God, it will go to God. And then He will decide how to give it to us!

Swami’s message for the Sai Youth around the world this week:

“Whatever you do - whether you eat, whether you give, whether you receive - everything must be done for the sake of God. Therefore, all the actions done for the love of God -Bhagavad Preethyartham- must be offered, back to God. There is a deep significance in this meaning behind fruit of actions. As you know, the law of the universe is that of Karma. Nobody can escape this law of Karma and its consequences. Is it possible to overcome the actions whether you go to forest and do penance, whether you invoke blessings of God, whether you do any kindof activity – is it possible to overcome the Karma? Whatever seed you have sown, accordingly you will get the fruit. If you sow the seed of a lemon, you will get a lemon tree and a lemon fruit. If you sow the mango seed, you will get a mango fruit. Therefore, to escape this cycle of birth and death which is closely and inseparably related to the action and its reaction, one must learn how to undertake the action. As long as you do good actions, you will reap good results, no doubt about it. But even to experience the fruit of these good actions, you must again be born. And there is no guarantee that next time when you are born you will always be engaged in good actions, you might be also engaged in wrong actions. Therefore, again the cycle begins and you keep going on. But a simple escape from this whole cycle of birth and death is whatever we do, we do it for love of God and offer it to Him!”

Yours in His Service,

Bhuvana Santhanam
 Service Updates
Japanese Youth Elder Care
Japanese youth, along with regular devotees, gathered on September 23, 2017 and visited an elder care facility located in Sagamihara city to share pure love and gratitude with elderly people in the facility. During the study session held the previous week, devotees discussed how to connect with elderly people in the facility who are withdrawn and cannot have much interaction with outside world. In order to have insight on how to connect with elderly people, Sai youth also conducted guided meditation session to experience and rediscover their connection with everyone around them, especially elderly people.
Dilkusha Medical Camp Fiji
Under the recently launched Divine Mother and Child Health Programme, Youth and members of Sai Prema Foundation Fiji conducted a medical camp for the children of Dilkusha Home (Orphanage) in Nausori on Saturday, September 2, 2017.
The group of youth volunteers who participated in this medical camp were mostly in-house members of the Foundation, along with other medical volunteers from the Ministry of Health. The medical team consisted of a couple of general practitioners, a dentist, a dietician and a pharmacist. All 41 kids at the Dilkusha Home were firstly assessed by the doctors.
Swami’s Divine Mother and Child Health Programme Singapore
On September 2, 2017, with Swami’s grace, a monthly mobile medical camp was started (focused on pregnant young women and children from underprivileged sectors of society). This is part of an effort to bring Swami’s Divine Mother and Child Health programme (DMCHP) to Singapore.

T he first Medical Camp took place in a neighbourhood centre run by Sunlove Home in Chai Chee, Singapore. The onsite medical team consisted of eight doctors (four of whom specialise in paediatrics), two dentists and six psychologists conducting the screenings and consultations. Sixty non-medical volunteers were there to help with registration.
Pooja Sai Medical Camp
Bali, Indonesia
On September 03, 2017 a medical camp was conducted at the Pooja Sai Ashram in conjunction with the recently launched Divine Mother and Child Health programme, team of doctors and nurses joined the programme together with youth from Pooja Sai. The medical team consists of general practitioners, nurses and pharmacist. Non-medical volunteers from the youth assisted in guiding patients throughout the programme, registration, and snack provision.