Issue 40 - October 08, 2017
Editor's Note...
Faith and love together constitute devotion. Only love alone is not sufficient, reminds Swami often. Faith, that He is the doer and will take care of everything. Recently while speaking to a group of devotees Swami said that if we want to reach our destination, we MUST have devotion to God. God knows what will happen, when it will happen and how it will happen. 

Swami’s message to the Sai youth around the world this week:

Man does not know anything, but behaves as if he knows everything; God knows everything, but behaves as if He knows nothing. So man keeps thinking ‘How is it going to happen?’ 

I say, the way it has happened so far, it will happen even in the future. Are you doing it? Then why are you worried? I am doing it. I will be worried. You don’t worry. Why put this luggage on your head and sit in the train and suffer? The train that is carrying you will carry the luggage also!” 

Yours in His Service,

Bhuvana Santhanam
Service Updates
Annapoorna Medical Service
A mammoth dental camp was held on September 6 and 7, 2017 for the students from the schools that are a part of the Annapoorna Breakfast Programme. Over 2400 children were brought to the Muddenhalli campus, examined and treated over the course of two days at Seva Kshetra inside the campus.
A free weekly Medical Clinic has been started in Dodabelle village near Kengeri, South Bangalore. The doctors work out of the Sai Temple, which is also the location of daily breakfast S eva activities. As patients start lining up, each patient’s vital signs are checked and then a detailed clinical examination is done.
Annapoorna CSR
September 9, 2017 saw eighteen volunteers from Oracle visiting five villages of Chickballapur (Kalavara, Agalgurkhi, Jadalathimananahalli, Kandavara, and Bachahalli) wherein they provided hygiene awareness and tree planting sessions for the school children.
Integrated Rural Development Programme
September 16, 2017 saw students of the Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology (NCET) have their first practical lesson in the villages, as part of the Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP), a joint collaboration between the college students and the volunteers from Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust, Muddenahalli, Chikkaballapur District. The college students reported an amazing and enriching experience while interacting with the school children, who are recipients of the Annapoorna Breakfast Seva .
The Liquid Elixir
This is one of the most consistent service activities undertaken by the youth every week which they like to call Laban (butter milk) Seva . On all Saturdays, at noon, avoiding all the challenges that the summer throws, they visit the construction site to see their friends. With lots of love, these youthful hearts meet their less fortunate friends and, in return, those friends greet the youth with smiles.  
Ceaseless Love in Action
This service is carried out in another remote area of the region by another set of youth. It is to facilitate the smooth functioning of all the service activities that the youth decided to split themselves, thereby concentrating on their respective allotted areas. Almost 50 labourers are benefitted by this special service.
Alumni's Tribute
The Alumni of Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions is living up to the message of their beloved Bhagawan in all the possible ways they can. As guided by their Swami , they are continuously working on empowering women belonging to less forturnate section of the society. They conduct sessions on hygiene and personal health for these women and also conduct classes on English, helping them to improve their communication skills, which will definitely prove to be very helpful in their future growth. These youth do not stop with that, as they also distribute vegetable kits, groceries and toiletries on selected dates.
The Divine Healing
Due to the extreme climatic conditions and the nature of their hard work, many of the members of the construction camp were getting regularly sick. Unfortunately, to make the matter worse, the medical aid was also not available for them readily. The youth, with the help of other senior members of Sai Hridayam , planned a medical camp. This camp was among the first of its kind and it was conducted with the help of the senior members who are trained professionals in Sai Vibrionics.
Continuation of Lense Donation Project
Donating lenses to underprivileged brothers and sisters with fading eyesight was a Seva activity that the youth of Colombo undertook around two months ago and it has been a massive success. During August youth were able to donate six pairs of lenses, during September five pairs and they are ready for the next seven pairs. The youth are eagerly awaiting the list of patients and their specific requirements to be forwarded to them by the doctor in charge.
Nigera Youth Breakfast Seva
With beloved Bhagawan’s blessings and guidance, Nigeria youth could conduct breakfast Seva at one of the government schools named Ereko Methodist Primary School in Lagos. In addition to regular primary students, this school also caters to children with special needs such as learning disabled, hearing impaired and intellectually challenged ones.
Satsang And News Updates
World Youth Meet 2017
November 18 to 24
The World Youth Meet, like every year is indeed going to be a wonderful confluence of people from around the world and from many faiths! We are all very excited as we have begun preparations for the World Youth Meet.
The youth are the future of the world, and everyone's tomorrow is dependent on their today. The need-of-the-hour is to address their today holistically, for a better world tomorrow. The clarion call of Bhagawan, who has inspired the youth to lead ideal lives, has always been that of Unity, Purity and Divinity. 
It is about One Global Youth Community for a better World. One Global Youth Community, irrespective of cast or creed, gender or geographies, races or religion is the way forward for a better World. 
‘ONE WORLD, ONE YOUTH | Unity – Purity – Divinity’, propagated by Bhagawan, is the theme for this year’s World Youth Meet. Unity (Unity of Thought, Word and Deed), Purity (Selfless Service and Selfless Love), and Divinity (Only Unity and Purity can lead to Divinity).

Following is the timeline schedule, along with other details. By Swami’s grace, more than 20 countries will be participating in the Youth Meet, including delegates from India.
Swami Transformation
It was the July 3, 2015 and we were eagerly seated in the Hall of the Taj Samudra Hotel, awaiting the arrival of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

The atmosphere was exciting and expectant. As Swami glided into the room in his subtle form, followed reverently by Brother Madhusudan, (although our eyes perceived just one man, albeit one with a certain aura of serenity, as is characteristic of Swami’s entourage) walking down the red carpet our minds, bodies and hearts, tingled with the feeling of a Divine presence. That feeling is truly quite indescribable. Though we could not see, we felt and in that moment we believed.