Issue  37 - September 17, 2017
Editor's Note...
One thing that Swami has been telling the youth repeatedly is to surrender the mind completely to God. Otherwise, there is no way God can make us what He wants us to become. Even recently in a discourse Swami said that His path is 'I to We, We to He', and He is not here to grant individual favours to anyone, even if it's spiritual! He only wants us to help everyone else, and derive the ultimate happiness.

Swami's message to the Sai Youth around the world this week:

"The happiness of others before yourself, and others before you, is the source of happiness, and true joy. When you render selfless service, the kind of joy you experience is yours, not anybody else's. In quest of the joy which is inside, you do not have to go anywhere, you can find it within yourself. The purpose of life is manifestation of this internal bliss in your external lives. The bliss is inside, but you are looking for it outside. With some effort, definitely you can achieve this. That is the purpose of all efforts. When you really involve yourself in selfless service, this internal joy will manifest itself. 

In this world 'Jagat', things come and go. But the joy that you derive from sacred love is permanent; it will be with you forever. What is that you have to pray to Go d for? It is only for this kind of permanent joy or bliss."

Yours in Sai Service 

Bhuvana Santhanam 
Seva Updates
Seva Experience at an Institution for Dementia
A couple of weeks ago Netherlands youth started Seva in the north of Holland. The group is now just two people going to a closed institution for people suffering from dementia, but with hopes to grow more numbers in time. At the first meeting only one youth volunteer went alone and that experience explained the reason to do this Seva. The institution was very happy for the help and said it was very much needed. 
Spain’s Summer Vacation Seva
This summer, the group of young volunteers from Spain combined their vacation with some Seva activities.

One of the activities was about distributing food. The idea originated a few years ago. It was on the celebration of the announcement of Sai Baba as an Avatar, on October 20. Two people of the Sai Centre in Barcelona decided to collaborate with an association called AMASDES (help for the needy), which has been distributing food to people in need for many years. 
Satsang & News Updates
European Youth Meet - an Unforgettable Experience!
Devotees from over six European countries joined the conference with open hearts, minds and spirits. The three-day event was a wonderful experience, packed with activities ranging from Narayana Seva and workshops to Tai Chi and Satsang . Click on "Read More" button below for more details and to see photos of the event!
A Red Nose for the Embassador of Smiling
The Association Dharmic Clown has been founded by a group of volunteers who, through the noble art of clownerie, put into practice the art of smiling and clown therapy in hospitals, orphan houses, schools, kindergartens, old people houses and any other places where it is important to bring happiness.