Issue 29 - July 16, 2017
Editors Note...

Swami has given us all an opportunity to be a part of His glorious mission, purely out of His mercy!    And look at this compassionate Lord, with love of a thousand mothers, He continues to patiently work with flawed instruments like us.    Will we ever realise someday that the  Seva that we engage in, which is probably minuscule in comparison to His grandiose mission, is only so that we become better human beings, and realise our true purpose?  

Swami's message to the Sai Youth around the world this week:  

"When you do Seva, you think of others, and become selfless and purer.   You will become a fertile bed to sow the seed of Self-Realisation. That's when the tree will grow.   I have given you this opportunity to do Seva, which will help you to till the soil, to prepare you to receive what I have come to give.   The best Seva one can do is to realise the Self!"

Yours in His Service,

Bhuvana Santhanam
 Service Updates
Health in Kind Initiative
and Sunday Value Classes
The youth of Southeast Queensland had the opportunity to provide a healthy living session on healthy eating and drinking habits to the students of the Toogoolawa School in Ormeau (approximately 30 minutes south of Brisbane) on the June 6, 2017. This school is an independent school of approximately 75 boys who have difficulty in functioning in mainstream schooling and are basically given a second chance at obtaining an education with the added bonus of a focus on character development.

Perth youth continue their Sunday values classes with children. 
Homeless Feeding
Being the peak of winter now and with a sudden drop in temperature here this week, on Friday July 7, 2017 Brisbane youth went out into the streets of the city after work to distribute blankets bought from the Tibetan shops in Kodaikanal, India with the money that Swami gave them. They also made some sandwiches and distributed them too.
Youth at Elder-Care Facility

Japanese youth visited an elder-care facility to share their love and respect with the residents on July 1, 2017. This seva project is a joint program with the educational group which focuses on development of the Human Values within both volunteers and recipients by practicing love and gratitude. Thirteen volunteers spent quality time with approximately fifteen elderly people in the facility.

Balvikas Classes in Indonesia

On June 25, 2017, youth from Sai Pooja Ashram in Indonesia continued Balvikas classes. This was a routine monthly activity where Balvikas students were gathered around the Ashram.  

They were guided on how to respect their parents, help their friends, try their best to help others, and to share. The material was organised in the form of games to help improve the students understanding of the subject and to make it more interesting. 

"Children of God" Project 
Fan Donation and Installation
 “Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they’re not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes.” (David Platt )

This is exactly how the youth of Sai Prema Foundation feel with regards to the children of Dilkusha Home and pay gratitude to the Divine Master for giving the opportunity to serve his very precious children.
Blood Drive at Tappoocity Plaza
The Youth of Sai Prema Foundation embarked on yet another journey to collect some much needed “liquid love” - blood. The youth teamed up with the Fiji National Blood Services Department from the Ministry of Health and conducted a day long blood drive on Saturday June 17, 2017 at Tappoocity Plaza, in the heart of Suva, Fiji.  

This service activity was prompted by a recent appeal by the Ministry of Health and Fiji National Blood Service highlighting a shortage of blood at their blood bank in Suva.
Grama Seva and Medical Camp
Over hundred and sixty patients in the four villages were screened and given treatment. Due to the remoteness of these villages, there is a need for more regular visits.   The youth gained valuable experiences and experienced a satisfactory joy by being able to serve the villagers.
Project Homework 

The youth of Singapore took part in a project called “Project Homeworks”. This is a home rebuilding project organised monthly by ‘Habitat for Humanity’, a non-profit Christian housing organisation with a mission to eliminate poverty housing worldwide by building simple and decent houses with the help of the homeowner families themselves and volunteers.

Purely His Mission aka “Project Home Meals”

There are nearly one million low-wage migrant workers in Singapore. They make up about 20 per cent of the total population and are mostly employed in construction, shipyards, sanitation services, manufacturing and domestic work. 

Swami’s message of ‘Serving Humanity’ became the guiding light and a community of like-minded youths was quickly formed. Today, with twenty to thirty chefs and five to six drivers, three hundred packs of home cooked food are delivered every Sunday to these migrant workers.