Issue 30  - July 23, 2017
Editors Note...

It is a great fortune to be in the presence of God, and enjoy His proximity. But like Swami has often reminded us, "My life is My message", observing and learning from Him, so that someday we can become Him, is truly the game of life! And one thing truly stands out, Swami's love for everyone and everything, no matter what! 

Swami's message to the Sai Youth around the world this week:

"Any spiritual effort should be undertaken with the view to attain purity of mind. Closer you get to God, you should become more and more like God. In the same way as God loves everybody, you should also love everybody. In the same way as He serves everybody, you should also serve everybody. And more importantly, you have to accept everyone into your fold with the broad-mindedness that 'everyone belongs to us'. If you want to do all this, the most fundamental thing is to achieve purity of mind. 
What is this purity of mind? Selfless love itself is purity of mind. If you want to attain selfless love, what is that you have to do? You need to keep away from your selfishness and self interest. If you want to really give up selfishness, you have to first develop faith in God and love for God!"

Yours in His Service,

Bhuvana Santhanam

Service Updates

Outreach Medical Service in Kolkatta

The youth wing at Kolkatta conducted an outreach medical service at Kochpukur Village in West Bengal.  General health screening was done and about 40 patients were screened.  Also a youth camp was organised, inspiring the youth to join the service activities.  A similar outreach medical camp programme was held at Salipur village, West Bengal.  

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activity at Chikkkaballapur
Here is a testimonial from Kavya Mishrikoti one of the volunteers from Oracle India who participated in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity at Chikkkaballapur on June 17, 2017.

“There is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children. There is no duty more important than ensuring that their rights are respected, that their welfare is protected, that their lives are free from fear and want and that they can grow up in peace”...
A Nutritious Meal for Little Souls

This month too, the youth provided a delicious and nutritious meal to the under privileged students of the Harvard School in Pettah. It is a boost to the programme designed by the school Principal to provide a free meal in order to increase the attendance of these children who come from troubled families in order to ensure that they will have a bright future.

New Life for Weakened Eyes
The newest project for the youth of Colombo is donating lenses for cataract patients who are unable to pay for their surgeries. For this noble cause, the youth have joined hands with the “Eye Care Foundation” who have already done medical screenings for 84,000 people all over the island and have performed many surgeries thus far.
Hassan Trip by Dubai Group
The Hassan campus being the project of Dubai graciously entrusted by Swami, the youth from there always have a special love and affection for their little brothers of the divine campus.  A trip to Hassan during Guru Poornima was planned early in April, when the Lord had visited Dubai and asked the Dubai group to be in Muddenahalli for the Guru Poornima celebrations. It has now almost become a routine programme, that whenever the Dubai group visits Muddenahalli, they somehow make sure that they go and meet their little brothers of Hassan campus as well...
Satsang and News Updates
Arranging the Divine Visit
It was quite challenging yet very exciting to organise Sai Rama’s Fifth Divine visit to Sri Lanka, along with a large group which included Bhagawan’s most beloved students, teachers and seventeen guests from five different countries... 

Annual Conference of Annapoorna Breakfast Programme

The young brigade of Annapoorna volunteers recently conducted the Annual Conference of Annapoorna Breakfast programme.  Many corporate leaders from various organisations were invited to join for the conference.   Many thoughts and ideas were discussed among these corporate leaders on how to take up social responsibility programmes in their organsation and involve the youth to join service initiatives.
The attendees provided a number of supportive and encouraging feedback. The Annapoorna team is so grateful that the attendees have all pledged to renew deeper commitment to work closely with them and the projects. It takes all working TOGETHER AS ONE TEAM to move mountains and to serve the community.