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~ Important News Regarding the Lotus Studio Space ~
Unfortunately, we were not able to renew our studio lease, so we have relocated to the Lakewood Seward Park Community Clubhouse for now with an eye toward a new "permanent" home at some point.

We ARE continuing to offer yoga; both in-person and online!

While it is sad that we had to say goodbye to our old space that we inhabited for 17 lovely years, we know that the heart of Lotus is YOU and our amazing teachers. We are embracing this change as an opportunity to continue our mission to offer yoga to this community whether we are online, or together in a space. We are so thankful for your continued presence.

We will continue to look for a perfect new space, but we are not in a rush. Given the current state of commercial real estate, it may take a while.

We are envisioning a space in Columbia City that is a great fit for where we are as a business now and for moving into the future! It might take us a while to find that perfect space, so for now we have extended our time at Lakewood Seward Park Community Clubhouse for our hybrid in-person classes. Including booking time for our annual Thanksgiving Day benefit and a special New Years' morning practice. We will also bring back the popular Park Yoga next summer! Want more times for in-person offerings or have any other thoughts or feedback? Let Maia know!

For however long it takes for us to find a "permanent" space, we will be continuing to offer mindful, heart-based yoga in-person at Lakewood Seward Park Community Clubhouse, online and on-demand!

In summary, we might not have a permanent studio space right now, but we do feel our yoga community love! Thank you for being a part of that community. We love you!

Online classes:
Our online classes continue!
Register for class at:

In-person Hybrid Classes:
Lakewood Seward Park Community Clubhouse is the temporary location for the in-person portion of the hybrid classes! You can also always take class online! The clubhouse is a beloved community spot with airy open space, lots of windows and hardwood floors. It's only a short walk from Columbia City.

We are currently offering the following classes as hybrid:
with in-person and online options for the same class

Tuesdays: 6 - 7:15 PM with Adi
Thursdays: 6 - 7:15 PM with Adi
Saturdays: 8:30-10 AM with Maia

Register for class:

Lakewood Seward Park Community Clubhouse Address:
4916 S. Angeline Street
Seattle, WA 98118
We hope to see you online, in-person or virtually on-demand soon.

Reach out to Maia with any questions, concerns or something you'd like to share.
 I'd love to hear from you.
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