New family lottery dates: 1/15/24 – 1/19/24

Please visit our website between 1/15 - 1/19 in order to fill out our online lottery form. Anyone submitting a form after 1/19/24 will not be included in our lottery and will automatically be placed on our wait list.

Below are some frequently asked questions

How will I be notified if we were selected from the lottery?

Answer: On January 22nd, we will hold the lottery for the spaces that are available.

On January 26th, we will contact those who were selected from the lottery. At that time, you will be required to confirm your child’s schedule.

If I am selected from the lottery, what are the next steps?

Answer: You will be required to pick up a registration packet and return to PrimeTime along with the registration fee no later than February 2nd. Registration forms WILL NOT be accepted after February 2nd. 

If I was not selected from the lottery, what are the next steps?

Answer: PrimeTime will hold a separate lottery for your placement on the waitlist for those that were NOT selected in the original lottery. We will notify you of your child's placement on the waitlist via email. Once you receive your email, please let us know if you would like your child to stay on the waitlist or remove them.

If I am put on the waitlist, when will my child be taken off?

Please know that we have no way of knowing when that will happen. When a current family drops from our program, we are able to take another family off of the waitlist.