March 23, 2018
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Where Do YOU Want New Sidewalk Ramps?
Upgrading sidewalk ramps so they're wider and less steep makes getting around easier for everyone - and they're mandated by ADA guidelines. Where do you want to see new ramps installed in 2019 and beyond?
What's the State of Our City?
Watch as Mayor Sean Dowse reports on where we are today as a town and what we can look forward to in 2018.

Do you have a question or comment for Mayor Dowse? Click to send him an email .
Snow Emergencies Demystified
Spring is almost here but we're expecting a bit more snow this weekend. Are you wondering when and how a snow emergency is declared? Watch our City 101 video to learn what happens and how it affects everyone.
Shedding Light on Central Park
Central Park is getting a whole new nighttime look. Thanks to the the generosity of the Jones Family Foundation, the park will soon be aglow in soft lighting. Watch Scott Jones's project presentation at a City Council meeting. Or, read the details in this article . The project, as a gift to the City, will be complete mid-summer.
Do YOU want to work at the City?
We're looking for people just like you. Click City Jobs and read what's available, including numerous recent openings.
The Heritage Preservation Commission
Do you have a project to nominate for a Heritage Preservation Commission Award? There's one week left! Find out more here.

The HPC works in RW to promote the preservation and appreciation of our architectural and cultural history. Watch the video to learn more. Click here to read about what they do .
2018 Neighborhood Street Reconstruction
It's almost construction season, and if you live on sections of 9th,10th, 11th, South Park, Bush, and McSorley Streets, you'll see work right outside your front door.
WHY do some of our streets need major reconstruction? This video will remind you .
Residents of this area met at two neighborhood meetings with the Engineering and Public Works Departments to weigh in on what they wanted and didn't want. Thanks for your input!

City Council will be holding a Public Hearing on the project this Monday, March 26th in City Council Chambers. Meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. All are invited to give their public comment.

Staff Engineer Dean Chamberlain will present the project. Get all the details here.
Community Discussion to Address Addiction
Drug addiction is on the rise across our country, including here in Red Wing. We're coming together as a community on Thursday, March 29th, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the RW Public Library to address drug addiction in Goodhue County.

In preparation for this event, organizers are asking the public to read the book  Six Years Lost by local author  Ben Schmidt , who discusses his own journey through drug addiction. Copies are available at the  Red Wing Public Library.  
Don't have time to read the book? No problem. Come anyway. There's lots to discuss!
An Events Calendar for the Whole Community
Good news! You asked for a community calendar and Red Wing Ignite has created one. Check it out! If you have a group or organization that wants to use it, just upload your events. Questions? Contact Shannan Harris at 651-327-2154 or
Rubin's Tips for Helping Our River
Remember What
Rubin the Blue Bin Would Do:

  • Dispose of yard pet waste properly so spring rains don't carry contaminants into the Mississippi.

  • Don't leave debris on the street when doing spring raking. It makes its way to the river and clogs storm drains and pipes along the way.
3 Things You Didn't Know About...
Laurie Hoernemann
1. A dedicated public servant who works behind the scenes, Laurie just won the Service Above Self Award through RW Rotary Club.

2. Laurie has been working for 41 years at the City in the finance department. Thanks, Laurie!

3. Laurie lives on a hobby farm--a great choice to fuel her love of gardening.
Tune In
Go to the  City's web site  and click on the button "View Meeting Agendas and Videos" (or if you're on your phone, click "Watch a City Meeting Online"). Then scroll down to Archived Videos , find your meeting from the list, scroll to the right side of the screen, and click "Video." Two restrictions: Most browsers work  except  Chrome, and the page is not mobile friendly yet. These issues will be fixed this spring.
We'll Save You A Seat
Appropriate at the Sheldon Theatre
Mar. 23-24 @7 p.m./Mar. 25 @3 p.m. After-show discussions on Saturday and Sunday co-sponsored by the
RW Human Rights Commission
City Council Meeting
City Hall Council Chambers
Monday, March 26 @ 6:00 p.m.
Public Hearing at Council Meeting
Street Reconstruction Project on portions of 9th, 10th, 11th Streets, South Park, Bush & McSorley Streets
City Hall Council Chambers
Monday, March 26 @ 6:00 p.m.
Sustainability Commission
City Hall Council Chambers
Tuesday, March 27 @ 5:30 p.m.
Sister Cities Commission
City Hall Council Chambers
Wednesday, March 28 @ 5 p.m.
2019 City Budget Workshop
City Hall Council Chambers
Wednesday, March 28 @ 6:30 p.m. Agenda to come
Charter Commission
City Hall Council Chambers
Thursday, March 29 @ 5:30 p.m.
Needles and Pills
Community Discussion
Red Wing Public Library Foot Room
Thursday, March 29 @ 6:30 p.m.
Port Authority
City Hall Council Chambers
Tuesday, April 3 @ 4:30
Free Speech Learning Session
Red Wing Public Library Foot Room
April 12 @ 6:30 p.m. Sponsored by the RW Human Rights Commission
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