Lots Of April Showers Will Bring Us May Flowers

    May 2019 / Volume 146
May Horticultural Tips
Know what you should be doing in the month of May.  A selection of garden tips (Trees & Shrubs, Turgrass, Flowers, Water Gardens, Fruits & Vegetables and much more) can be found by clicking GARDEN TIPS.
MONARCHS, Milkweeds and more!
Central Park Hall - Tulsa Fairgrounds
 - This Weekend -

The BIG event for May hosted by your Tulsa Master Gardeners is MONARCHS, Milkweeds and more!  This is our 2nd annual event and, in 2018, it was held on a rainy Saturday on Memorial Day weekend and over 500 people atended!  

This year's event will be held at Central Park Hall, just north of the Fair Meadows Building on the Tulsa State Fairgrounds.  Enter from 21st street just west of Yale through Gate #1.  Doors open at 9 a.m. and the event runs until 3 p.m.  The keynote speaker this year is Dr. Ray Moranz, Pollinator Ecologist with the Xerces Society.  He will be giving 4 different presentations throughout the day  In addition, several vendors will be on hand to answer all of your pollinator/butterfly questions as well as have literature on hand for sale.  

This years proves to be even better so you won't want to miss it.  And, it's all FREE!

Save The Date: June 8-9, 2019
TMG Showcase Garden Tour:  "Pollinators R Us"

This self-guided tour of the Tulsa Master Gardener's (TMG) own gardens is sure to provide inspiration for your own landscape or garden. Five homes will be featured on the tour, showcasing large and smaller garden spaces, an abundance of pollinator plants, diversity of plants and picture perfect gardens. Master Gardeners will be stationed in the gardens to answer all of your questions on plant material, and the home owners will be present to share information about their gardens. 

This year's theme will focus on "Pollinators R Us" which will inform local gardeners about the perfect plant material needed to attract butterflies, bees and birds. Informative presentations given by Master Gardeners will be held on both days at one of the gardens. There will also be a mosaic culture demonstration. 

This Garden Tour is a great way to learn how the Master Gardeners have overcome their own garden problems to create successful gardens in Tulsa. This year's tour will feature three homes in midtown Tulsa and two in Broken Arrow. Tickets are on sale on our website at www.tulsamastergardeners.com. Click on "Garden Tour".

100% of all proceeds go to the Tulsa Master Gardener Foundation which helps to pay for all of the various programs we deliver to your Tulsa community throughout the year.

May Short Story #1
Some Veggies To Plant In May

Southern Pea
Winter Squash
Sweet Potato

For the full Oklahoma Garden Planning Guide, click on HLA-6004.
Monthly Pest Alert:
Bagworms Are Forming
April showers bring May flowers . . .but, as Oklahoma gardeners well know, May also brings other things too - like wicked weather and insect pests. If you are a gardener who loves to landscape with juniper and arborvitae, you should keep your eyes peeled for the telltale signs of bagworms this time of year.

What is a Bagworm? Bagworms are caterpillar pests; the larval stage of Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis, a clear-winged moth. These caterpillars are masters of construction and disguise.  So, to control a bagworm, the gardener must KNOW the bagworm and take proactive measures.

Click on  BAGWORMS  to learn more about these pests and what to do about them. 
Creating A Beautiful Butterfly Garden
Create a habitat that will encourage Butterflies, Moths and Skippers (all Lepidopterans) to call your garden their full-time home. Their attention grabbing appearance adds both color and activity to provide a pleasing and living landscape.

To do this, you need four things - Host Plants, Nectar Plants, Wind Protections, and Sun-filled location.

Click on BUTTERFLY GARDEN  to learn more about what is needed to have a successful and beautiful butterfly garden - it's really not difficult. 
Early Summer Rose & Hydrangea Care

It's that time of year again when the calls start coming in about when should I trim back my hydrangeas because they never bloomed last year. Hydrangeas and roses are two of our favorite shrubs that folks love to hate.
The pruning of hydrangeas is probably the biggest hurdle for most gardeners, especially when the type of plant is not known.  Pruning improves vigor and increases number and flower size.  As for roses, they also benefit from pruning, especially if the bush has been neglected. Shaping and allowing for more air flow can increase vigor and more and bigger blooms.  

Click on ROSES & HYDRANGEAS for much more information on how to properly prune and maintain these beautiful shrubs in our gardens.
Common Tomato Problems & Diseases

Is there anything better than a ripe, juicy, homegrown tomato? Absolutely nothing, unless that tomato ends up on a BLT!

It seems that many of us think tomatoes grow easily . . . not much effort - just buy the plants, water occasionally, then sit back and wait for the harvest. Tomato lovers everywhere wish it were that easy, but the truth is tomatoes may be among the more complex plants to get right. 

Truth be known there can be many problems with tomatoes: pests, diseases, and soil/nutrient issues. Often, these issues can have similar symptoms or the symptoms may simply be confused.

Some of the issues presented will be encountered at one time or another, but don't let this keep you from planting. Instead, click on TOMATO PROBLEMS to learn more about the various tomato issues in our area along with links to many OSU fact sheets that expand that information much further.
Drip Irrigation: A Really Efficient Way To Water
Part 2: Installing & Maintaining The System

Last month, we discussed the front-end planning work that goes into designing an appropriate irrigation system.  This month we will delve into Part 2... installing and maintaining that system.  If you happened to miss Part 1 on "Planning Your  System" c lick on DRIP IRRIGATION - PLANNING.  If you are not familiar with such a system, reading Part 1 will help you better understand Part 2.

Installing a drip irrigation system can seem like a rather daunting task.  But, it doesn't have to be.  With a little  preparation and the right tools and motivation, many can install a small to medium-sized system themselves.  If you are really motivated, don't mind some hard work and mechanically inclined, you may even be able to install a large system.  If properly installed and properly winterized, the system should work with relatively few issues for many years.  Click on DRIP IRRIGATION - INSTALL/MAINTAIN to learn more about owning such a system.  The hard work up front can really pay off later in the long run in terms of effort (dragging hoses around) and cost (potentially wasting water).

The Tulsa Master Gardener Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization.  As such, it receives no city, state or federal funding for its Tulsa community outreach programs. In fact, the Tulsa's Master Gardener programs are self-funded by its own fundraisers, from member donations, and from public donations.

The main Tulsa Master Gardener fundraiser is its Annual Spring Plant Sale that is held each April.  Other fundraisers include the Garden Tour and Garage Sale in June.  And, one of the most important income sources that sometimes gets overlooked are the personal and corporate donations.  These are so important in helping us to meet our financial obligations and we want you to know they are very much appreciated. 

MG Endowment Fund
Did you know that we have been around for over three decades, since 1983?  And, we plan to be around for many more decades.  Did you know that  we are one of the top five Master Gardener county programs in the entire nation?  We are, indeed, because of the size of our Foundation membership, the diversity and activity level of our community outreach programs, and our overall financial strength!  
So, we are pleased to announce, in partnership with the Tulsa Community Foundation, the Master Gardener Foundation has established an Endowment Fund to ensure our long-term financial strength.  Our plans are to build this fund for many years before making any withdrawals from it.  Please consider us as you make your annual gift giving as well as longer-term estate planning decisions.  Remember, all donations are fully tax deductible! 
If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to help fund the long-term success of the program, click on   TULSA MASTER GARDENER ENDOWMENT FUND.
If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to help fund our annual expenses, click on  TULSA MASTER GARDENER AGENCY FUND.
We thank you for having been such faithful contributors both in the past and in advance for your future consideration and participation!  The Tulsa area is such a giving community!


Josie Driskill 
Judy Feuquay                            
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All about butterfly gardening in Tulsa County.

How to Take a Soil Test
How to collect a good sample of soil from your lawn or garden and get it tested at the OSU lab.

Once you have collected your soil test and gotten the results back, now what? Find out here. 

Show and tell.
Cool Season Lawn Care (Fescue)
12-month maintenance calendar.
State horticulturists, nurseries and growers pick favorite plants, shrubs and trees for use in the Oklahoma landscape. See the winners for this year and years past.

A list of recommended trees with descriptions. 

A list of over 60, by size and color.

Visit our demonstration garden on  15th Street, open 7 days a week. 

Current and historical source of rainfall, air temperatures, soil temps and much more. Click on Bixby station.  

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