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By the end of 2022, nearly two-thirds of businesses reported using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for voice calling over the internet rather than using landlines from the traditional phone company. This fact is not surprising, as VoIP offers benefits such as:
Benefits of choosing LOGIX:
check Lower costs, including free long distance.
check Mobility for remote and distributed teams.
check Simplified conference calls.
check Advanced calling features.
check Ease of management.
VoIP Business Phone Service

VoIP business phone service is also highly flexible and scalable. You only pay for the level of service you require today, but can easily scale capacity as your business grows. You can make changes to your infrastructure or add, delete or reassign phone lines within your online portal, eliminating the need for rewiring or phone company visits.

The benefits are significant, but when you are looking for the best business phone company in Texas, which business phone service is right for your company? LOGIX Fiber Networks.

Why Choose LOGIX Fiber Networks for Your Business Phone Service
Here are some of the key reasons why LOGIX Fiber Networks should be your first choice for a business phone company in Texas.
VoIP Business Phone Service
By the end of 2022, nearly two-thirds of businesses reported using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for voice calling over the internet rather than using landlines from the traditional phone company. This fact is not surprising, as VoIP offers benefits such as:
LOGIX is the largest independent fiber network service provider in Texas, built on a state-of-the-art core backbone providing 99.999% uptime. Network connectivity is monitored 24/7 year-round at a Texas-based network operations center. LOGIX also provides dedicated fiber connections between all major Texas markets and multiple fiber rings in metropolitan markets to provide redundancy.
High Capacity and Low Latency
It’s important to have the same level of high-quality voice calls even during peak times and high demand. LOGIX has the capacity to handle your peak loads without introducing latency to slow your network down or negatively impact your real-time apps, such as voice or video calls.
When there is an issue or concern about your business phone service, you want to be able to contact someone quickly and get a fast response. LOGIX operates a Texas-based support center, staffed with support teams and technicians nearby, to handle all of your service needs.
Fast, Synchronous Speeds
You get the same lightning-fast upload and download speeds with LOGIX. This translates to smoother and crisper voice quality, and lets you move data or large files easily when using collaboration tools.
Secure Calling
LOGIX voice services use strong encryption to protect data in transit. Encryption provides end-to-end security, preventing hackers from listening in or deciphering voice data packets intercepted during transmission.
Softphone Capabilities
With today’s remote and hybrid workers and distributed workforce, you have the option of adding softphone capabilities. By placing an app on your connected devices, you can extend your business phone service to your employees, regardless of where they are working.
LOGIX Provides Complete Business Phone Service
Regardless of the size of your business, enterprise-class voice solutions provide reliable service and high-quality communication. LOGIX offers a range of options you can choose from, including:
Benefits of choosing LOGIX:
check Unlimited long-distance calling, direct inbound dialing and disaster recovery.
check Fiber network service delivery.
check Options for connectivity, including plain old telephone service , Primary Rate Interface and Session Initiation Protocol.
With LOGIX, you can use your current telephone equipment, use IP-based handsets, or connect using your computer network. Combined with the exceptional network reliability and high quality of service on LOGIX’s built-for-business fiber network, you get a complete voice and data solution.
Hosted PBX
While LOGIX business phone service can work with your existing equipment and on-site private branch exchange (PBX), you may benefit from moving to a hosted PBX solution to enhance your unified communications.

With LOGIX Business Voice Cloud, you can leverage the flexibility of a hosted PBX and eliminate the cost of maintaining hardware on-site. A hosted PBX also allows you to add:
Benefits of choosing LOGIX:
check More advanced calling features, such as call recording, reporting and a cloud-based contact center.
check Calling functionality for mobile phones, remote workers and distributed workplaces.
check Instant messaging and presence, along with real-time chat.
check High-definition collaboration with multipoint videoconferencing.
check Application integration with customer relationship management and productivity applications such as Microsoft Teams.

LOGIX Fiber Networks offers secure, high-quality business phone service delivered on a the most reliable fiber network in Texas. You get best-in-class network connectivity and fast and friendly service from a Texas-based company that can handle design, installation, management and support.

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