OPC STORM Report  
Short-Term Outreach, Relief & Missions       October 3,  2013

Looking ahead to 2014     


"But he who is noble plans noble things, and on noble things he stands."

Isaiah 32:8 (ESV)

With the completion of summer, 2013, churches and fields are beginning to plan ahead to 2014, with the hopes of getting ahead on the planning process for either sending a team or receiving a team. Contemplating the concept of sending or receiving a team can be a daunting thing if it hasn't been done before.  Recently, one of our fields sent me a set of questions in this regard.  It is my hope that our interaction might help other churches and fields who are contemplating utilizing short-term missions as a component of their labors in 2014.  The questions:
Q: Tell me how the team programs, Team Haiti and Team Praha, got started?
Q: How are these teams organized?

Q: Is there a team leader?

Q: What are the responsibilities of the team leader?

Q: How are they prepared before the trip?


Click here for the responses.


A short-term missions effort does require an investment, but many churches and presbyteries have found it to be well-worth the investment.  Please let me know if I can help you get started.

A Personal Reflection on Ministry at the Chapel     


A dramatic presentation on the effect of sin
Life at the Boardwalk Chapel is filled with witnessing, conversations, fellowship with fellow believers, learning, praying, the necessities of life (sleep somehow wanders in). Amidst this burst of physical exhaustion, the Spirit fills us up. On a personal level, there is no way to survive the summer intact without fleeing to the feet of the God we walk the boards to proclaim. This reliance on Christ as well as our brothers and sisters in Christ brings joy filled fellowship even relieving the staff as a whole of individualism as we focus on Christ together. Read on...
Check out the Boardwalk Chapel's excellent FB page, if you have not done so already!

Missionary Associate Opportunities   


A Missionary Associate (MA) is one appointed by the Committee on Foreign Missions to labor with an OPC (Field) Mission, without cost to the committee.  The term is usually anywhere from 3 months to 2 years.
The purpose is three-fold:
1.)  To assist the mission on that field in its tasks (eg. evangelistic outreach).
2.)  To provide an opportunity to test the Associate's gifts for permanent service.
3.)  To enrich the Associate's life for greater service as a member of their local church.
Asia - Those able to teach English at the university-level (at least a Bachelor's Degree) 
Japan - A married couple or two singles (ideally of the same gender) to assist in the mission's various outreach opportunities.
Quebec - A french-speaker or (interested in learning french) to assist in the outreach ministry of St. Marc ERQ.
Uganda - One who is able to assist with homeschooling missionary children.
One who is skilled with his hands to assist the missionary deacons.
Interested? Feel free to contact Douglas Clawson or me to consider this further.
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Short-Term Missions & Disaster Response Coordinator 
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