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November/December 2021 | Issue No. 23
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From the Editor

Reminders Send your "awareness (not lobbying) letters" to your Oklahoma mayor and Congressional leaders by mid-January and your Oklahoma State Legislators before February 1, 2022. College mentoring directors should send letters, too. Happy holidays!
National Mentoring Month - January 2022
Why should Oklahomans promote mentoring? Ubiquity of voice has power.
Awareness • Recognition • Recruiting • Fundraising
Mentoring Programs
Peer Mentoring Program, College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, Oklahoma State University

Claire Leffingwell
Peer Mentor Program Director, CEAT Student Services

Peer Mentor and Mentee

Adonis Gardner

Alexander Turner Camacho

These specialized mentoring models are relevant to those majoring in education, social work, psychology, and more. Ages four-18 and 16-18 respectively.
Educational Guardian Ad Litem Program, Oklahoma Lawyers for Children, Oklahoma County

Scott P. Kaufman
Educational GAL & Mentoring Director  
Thunderbird Challenge Program, National Guard Program,
Pryor Creek

Wendi Spurlock
Mentoring & Post Residential Department
National Disability Mentoring Certification Course

Course Description

January 31, 2022

Enrollment Deadline
Adapted Graphic: MENTOR
December is MENTOR's Disability Mentoring Month Campaign, but serving Oklahomans with invisible and visible disabilities does not end.
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