Hello Megan,

A long-term client called to share some good news. With our help, she liquidated some accounts. She and her husband took the proceeds to their bank and paid off their mortgage. The bank rang a bell! People cheered. They went out to dinner and toasted their success.

So often we don’t ring the bell. We rush to check the next item off the list. Here is an absolute truth: the list will never, ever end. We need to savor the completion, the ending, the graduation. 

Another client sent a picture of her remodeled kitchen. She decided to update her house, after 23 years. It isn’t easy to remodel. The money, the hassle, the decisions, the mess, the uncertainty can make it easy to delay. But, with some prodding from us, she hired a contractor and moved forward. She said she is feeling accomplished and thrilled. We hope she sits in her new kitchen and celebrates her hard work and enjoys the beauty of it.

Progress!!! That was the subject line of an email Bleckley sent to a client we are helping consolidate her retirement accounts. Some companies make it difficult and it takes time. We have an easy button at work: We punch it during times like this: It says, “THAT WAS EASY!” The reality is many things aren’t easy including financial paperwork, paying off loans, funding college, graduating, moving, remodeling and retiring.

We need to pause and celebrate before we rush mindlessly to the next goal and task on the list. Pause. Be Grateful. Ring the bell. Sincerely,

Cass, Bleckley and Megan

What is a win you are celebrating this month?

Email me at cass@watercolorfinancial.com

Celebrating retirements together

Megan Poore hosted Dave and Jill Madden for lunch to celebrate their retirement and the sale of Jill's business. Cheers to both of them!

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Don't forget to wear your Eclipse Glasses for the big solar eclipse on Monday, April 8th. The eclipse will be visible throughout the Hill Country from 1:32 pm - 1:41 pm CDT. Austin locals and visitors will experience about 1 minute and 46 seconds of the total solar eclipse at 1:36 pm CST. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event!

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