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Rededication of the
Young Edison & Mother Nancy Statue
On Tuesday, August 20th, dozens turned out in the village of Milan to help celebrate the Milan Garden Club's 35th Anniversary of the "Young Edison" statue!

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when you pick up a cell phone, you are carrying Edison around with you?

Three of his four greatest inventions are right there!
Recorded sound , motion pictures , and when the phone gets tired, you plug it in to re-charge in the electric utility industry Edison established back in 1882 .

His fourth great invention was team-based R&D new product development laboratories to create and innovate at will.
In 1876, Thomas, with the support of several financiers, including J. P. Morgan, set up a laboratory for inventing purposes in which small New Jersey town?
Which small town?
Newark, NJ
Menlo Park, NJ
West Orange, NJ
Jersey City, NJ
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Which quote did Thomas Edison say?

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Quote 1

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