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Welcome to New Scale News, your monthly update on micro-mechatronic systems and applications. This month we're pleased to present exciting new life test results for our M3 micro-mechatronic motion systems, and some updated product data sheets.  
Life Test Example: M3-FS Focus Module 
PHOTO - M3-FS Focus Module Life Test
Miniature focus module with built-in controller, and a specific example of life test

A recent life test on M3-FS Focus Modules shows greatly increased lifetime as a result of using harder steels in the threads of the SQUIGGLE® motor inside. 

The M3-FS was developed in 2014 as a higher-performance option to our original M3-F Focus Module. 

Eight M3-FS Focus modules were put through months of testing that included: 
  • 56 million movements 
  • Average move of 21 µm
  • Total distance moved 1.2 billion  µm
For this test, we used vertical motion and a 10g load. All units met full performance requirements and showed no signs of failure at final tear down. 

The M3-LS Linear Smart Stage incorporates the same material improvements and will achieve similar lifetime. 

Updated performance specs

Based on these and other lifetime tests, we've increased the lifetime specification for the M3-FS Focus Module and the M3-LS Smart Stage to >10 million random moves while not exceeding 1.2 km total travel. 

It's important to note that actual lifetime of M3 modules will depend on your application and use case. 

Contact us if you'd like to discuss expected lifetime for M3 modules in your application. 

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