Thank you for registering your interest in participating in the selection of the first round of the Team USA Elite V1 and V6 paddler program. We are impressed to see over 60 paddlers from all over the US expressing their interest in this program. You may be curious what your next steps are and to know what our next steps are.

Who should be reading this newsletter? You are receiving this because you expressed interest in the elite V1 and/or elite V6 programs for the upcoming 2022 IVF World Sprints Championship, London. These are different components of the USA Outrigger Racing Canoe Association program. 

  • The Elite V1 participation is open for all age groups. 
  • Elite V1 slots are available for all age divisions -- 16 through 80!

  • The Elite V6 participation is for the fastest male and female paddlers in the mainland United States. 
  • While participation in the Elite V6 program can be open to all persons over the age of 16, only the fastest paddlers in USAORCA will be seated in the Elite V6 boats.

Next Steps on Your Side:
If you believe that any of your fellow paddlers are interested in participating in either the Elite V1 or Elite V6 program, please have them register their interest in the program using this link: Elite Participation Registration

The 2022 International Va’a Federation World Sprints Championship are scheduled for 6-16 August, 2022. They will be held in Dorney Lake, Windsor, England. 

Steps for you: 
  • Check that you have a valid passport that expires no earlier than
16 February, 2023. 
  • The current travel policy for the UK is that travelers from the US will need to demonstrate that they are negative for COVID-19. Current discussions suggest that there will be a policy change to require travelers from the US to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Current discussions in the IVF suggest that it will be a fully vaccinated event. Please check your vaccination status and continue to monitor the travel restrictions for US-based travelers to the UK.

Although August 2022 may seem a very long time from now, the selection process for the Elite V1 and Elite V6 crew slots must begin in earnest now. The first time trial information, whether a 500m straight race in a V1 for those trying out for an Elite V1 slot or a 500m straight race in an OC1or V1 for those trying out for an Elite V6 slot, must be submitted on or before 1 December 2021.

Steps for you:
  • Review the Elite time trial guidance.
  • Complete a 500m time trial in a V1, OC1, or both.
  • Those interested in V1 must submit a V1 trial.

The information gathered here will be reviewed by the Coaches (see below) and
the race committee.

Next Steps on Our Side:
As you may or may not know, a true national, USA, level organization for Va’a is new. Prior to 2020, the mainland US was represented by the regions (ECORA, NCOCA, SCORA, PNWORCA). Due to a change in the International Va’a Federation bylaws, the US mainland was consolidated into one area. Now, as one nation, we have the opportunity to create a USA level V6 Elite crew. 

Leveling up to a national level crew is changing the way in which the USA will be training for World Sprints. Namely, a coaching team is being selected to help guide the Elite V6 team to glory in the 2022 IVF World Sprints Championship, London. Once the coaching team is selected, we will be submitting your time trial information to them so that they can work with you to guide your training in advance of crew selections in
the Spring of 2022. 

The members of USA ORCA are working with the International Va’a Federation to monitor important policy changes regarding travel to the race site for all participant nations. As the IVF announces any changes, we will do our utmost to keep
you informed. 

Thank you for your interest, your time, and your support. We look forward to working with you between now and August 2022.

For questions regarding the Elite Division contact us at with the subject line "Elite Division."