Henry Cisneros Joins List of Conference Speakers
"Americans are a can-do people, an enthusiastic people, a problem-solving people." This quote, from former  San Antonio Mayor and HUD Secretary , Henry Cisneros, reflects the spirit of local governance across the U.S. Naturally, Secretary Cisneros was once part of the National Civic League, as our board chair from 1989-91. Join us for this June's National Conference on Local Governance to hear his reflections on the past and the role of communities in safeguarding the future.  
President, National Civic League

$175 Early Bird Registration for National Conference on Local Governance
This one-day conference will highlight successful projects and initiatives around the country, with speakers from cities that are implementing creative strategies for civic engagement that promote equity.  The conference will promote inclusive civic engagement, innovation and collaboration as the best strategies for cities to make progress...

Education in Action: Roanoke, VA Embraces Reading Readiness
The National Civic League has promoted improving education through civic engagement for more than a century. At the  109th Conference on Local Governance, one of our three tracks is focused on Youth and Education. Investing in equitable educational opportunities for youth and adults creates a strong foundation for a thriving community.

Kerner Wisdom: Listening to Residents Important for Helpful Legislation
The need to gather community input and take local legislative action to redress racial inequities was one of the recommendations of the Kerner Commission"Many of the grievances identified in our study of the conditions underlying civil disorders can be redressed only through legislative action," the 1968 Kerner Commission report states.

#ShareYourShield Winner: Marshall, TX
Thank you to all the cities that participated in the #ShareYourShield contest! The winner of this year's contest is the City of Marshall, Texas, which found a creative way to display the AAC shield on local buildings. We've partnered with CGI Communications to help All-America Cities #ShareYourShield - CGI will provide 25 complimentary banners to all past AAC winners for display on city light or utility poles. We encourage all cities to take advantage of this opportunity.

Black History Month Feature: Buard Historic Trail
February being Black History Month, the National Civic League suggests a visit to any number of monuments or museums that have been established in recent years to commemorate important people, places and events associated with the civil rights movement.  One, out-of-the-way destination to consider is Marshall, Texas, a small city in the Piney Woods region, a 45-minute drive west of Shreveport, Louisiana. In 2014, the local historical preservation board mapped out a self-guided tour...

February Webinar: Infusing Equity in City Government 
Equity is becoming an important part of government operations and services, but how and where can a city government begin? In this webinar, National Civic League Senior Fellow, Dante James, will share a list of examples for how to begin to infuse equity throughout city government. He will discuss how to build support for the work, what tools to use, how and where to evaluate and change outcomes. Examples will come from departments of human resources, police, capital projects...

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109th National Conference on Local Governance
June 22, 2018 in Denver, CO

All-America City Awards Competition & Event
June 22-24, 2018 in Denver, CO

Using Resident Survey Data to Maximize Your Budget, Drive Performance & Empower Innovation
Wednesday, February 21 at 11:00 a.m. CST

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