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CIA: Control, Influence, or Accept and Adapt.
Because you can't control the uncontrollable...

Recently, I spent an energizing day in Miami with John Cuomo and the leadership team at KLX Aerospace Solutions, a Boeing Company. We spent the day digging into the impacts of being acquired by, and joining, a much larger organization.
The group candidly discussed the challenges and opportunities of the recent integration. To help them thrive while leading their teams through substantial change, I provided the group with my Slow Down to Speed Up™ toolkit to help drive better, faster results with fewer mistakes and far less overwhelm. We talked about ways to build relationships with key stakeholders, manage time, remain centered amid long days and competing demands, align on shifting priorities, and more.

The biggest takeaway of the day was CIA: Control, Influence, Accept/Adapt.
Here's the point. You lose precious time and energy each time you try to control the uncontrollable. Instead, take time to reflect on what’s happening in your business through the lens of CIA: Control, Influence, Accept/Adapt.

It’s a straightforward framework for making decisions—quickly, efficiently, and without undue stress or wasted energy.

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Getting ready for the year ahead is different this year at KLX Aerospace Solutions. We just completed a record setting year, and were recently acquired by the largest and best aerospace company in the world, Boeing. Change is upon us.  
The KLX Leadership Team took a strategic pause this week to focus on 2019, both achieving our results amidst our growing pains, and leading ourselves and our teams through the challenges and changes ahead as we embark on our integration journey.  
Dr. Liz Bywater led us through a great day together and provided sound guidance and practical and easy to use solutions. The team left more cohesive than ever, energized and ready for all 2019 has in store for KLX.

John Cuomo, Group Vice President and General Manager,
KLX Aerospace Solutions, a Boeing Company

Slow Down to Speed Up: 
Lead, Succeed, and Thrive in a 24/7 World

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