The Raynham Summer Playground program is going swimmingly. This week they have been all over Raynham while having fun while keeping cool. They have been doing activities like making tye-dye shirts and visiting Urban Air Adventure Park in Brockton. To see more, visit Raynham Parks and Recreation Department on Facebook.

Story By: Ella Reddin BuzzAround Writing Intern, Framingham State University
Photo Credits: Raynham Parks and Recreation Department on Facebook
Historical Tidbit:

The First South School
"On March 21, 1931, the town meeting voted to have a committee bring in plans and specifications for a four-room school for south Raynham to replace the large wood-framed school. On April 25, 1931, it was voted to construct the building at a cost of $29,000. There are now six classrooms. One unique factor in the 
construction of South School was that one section of the main floor was movable and could be raised or lowered, similar to the stage at Radio City Music Hall in New York. However, the floor has been stationed and secured at one level for many years. Miss J. B. Goodick, long-time South School principal, was an example of the finest teachers of her time."

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Town Clerk
Assessors    508-824-2704
Selectmen        508-824-2707
Building Dept.       508-824-2708
Board of Health      508-824-2766
Planning         508-824-2745
Veterans Service Officer 508-828-4527

Public Library

Council on Aging

Food Pantry
2nd and 4th Thursday of the month
9 - 11a
494 Church St, Raynham
Micheal Ganshirt
You won a free 1.5 hour class at

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Enter for this week's prize of
$25 gift certificate to Johnny Macaroni's Restaurant, East Bridgewater & Halifax
Open Doors Day
August 21st
1 pm-3 pm
Raynham Middle School

Come see us next Monday, 8/21 from 1-3pm at Open Doors day!

We will have some RMS tee shirts for sale and Croc Jibbitz that just arrived! Shirts are $15 and Jibbitz are $3 or 2 for $5. Cash and Venmo. We look forward to meeting everyone!

Dale and the Duds at
Borden Colony Gazebo

August 1, 2023
Video Courtesy of The Raynham Channel
Board of Selectmen
August 8, 2023
Video Courtesy of The Raynham Channel
Conservation Commission
August 09, 2023
Video Courtesy of The Raynham Channel

Climate Can-Do:
Limit Fast Fashion

Fashion is another tool to help combat climate change and protect the environment.
First, how does fashion harm the environment? In efforts to meet demands and popularity for society’s trendiest clothes, many big clothing brands end up wasting fabrics and energy as they rush to pump out clothes for consumers at cheap prices. This is known as fast fashion.

According to the United Nations Environment Program, the “pollution, waste, and emissions of fast fashion are fueling the planetary crisis” as "plastic fibers are polluting the oceans”. In addition, the “wastewater and toxic dyes” from the industrial plants that are used to create the clothes only further contaminate the surrounding natural environments.

Sustainable clothing: While buying sustainable and organic clothing is a healthier alternative, it can also be expensive or inaccessible for many people. Fortunately, there are still many ways to limit your own fashion consumption and help the planet without sacrificing your wallet.

Diversify your clothing store options: Buying secondhand clothing from local thrift stores or on-line platforms such as ThredUp, Depop, and Poshmark is an excellent alternative for getting clothes.

Consider clothes before buying them: We all have that item, or a few, that sit in the back of the closet untouched for the past two years. This is why the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University suggests buying an item only if you can see yourself wearing it at least 30 times. Thinking twice is a good way to limit how much fast fashion and wasted clothing ends up crowding your closet.

Support brands that have good sustainability practices: This online directory: Good on You allows you to search your favorite brands and view their sustainability/ethical work ratings. The website also provides a wide range of stores that solely produce sustainable fashion that you can occasionally invest in.

By researching, staying mindful, and practicing eco-friendly shopping habits, you can reduce carbon costs and the impact of waste on our landfills and atmosphere!

This Climate Can-Do Article was written by Angel Benjamin, BuzzAround Writing Intern, Brown University. Focusing on actions which individuals can do in the face of our climate emergency. We can do!
Council on Aging Movie Viewing: Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Tuesday August 29
355 Plymouth St.

COA will be presenting "Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris", which tells the story of a
widowed cleaning lady in 1950s London who falls madly in love with a couture Dior dress, and decides that she must have one of her own. After she works, starves and gambles to raise the funds to pursue her dream, she embarks on an adventure to Paris which will change not only her own outlook, but the very future of the House of Dior. To sign up, call the COA at (508)-824-2740.
Raynham Planning Board
August 3, 2023
Video Courtesy of The Raynham Channel
Bridgewater Farm Supply's Summer Pet Costume Contest!

August 16th - August 25th

Celebrate the end of summer by entering the BFS Summer Pet Costume Contest! Feline, canine, and everything in between – all pets in costume are welcome!

To enter, message BFS on FB a picture your pet in costume and they will post it to their feed. All entries will have the chance to win a $40 gift certificate to Bridgewater Farm Supply or a $25 gift certificate to Johnny Macaroni's.

Winners will be randomly selected at NOON on August 25th.
Physical Therapy University
Bridgewater & Middleboro * Buzzards Bay
Mark your calendars -
PTU Middleboro is opening
August 14th, 2023!
Located directly across from Percy's at the Middleboro Rotary.
48 Bedford Street
Now accepting patients for our August opening! Give us a call

Physical Therapy U

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Learn to Skate
Hockey Programs and Figure Skating

Begins in September

With winter coming, now may be the perfect time to start learning a seasonal sport. Skating lessons are being held at the FMC Ice Sports locations all across Massachusetts, including in Raynham. The Back to School sessions will begin in September, though many of the class slots fill up before that happens.

If interested, please visit FMC Ice Sports for more.
Raynham Middle School Parent Organization Meeting dates
All meetings are at 7 pm in the RMS library

September 26th, 2023, October 17th, 2023
November 14th, 2023, December 12th, 2023
January 23rd, 2024, February 27th, 2024, March 26th, 2024
April 23rd, 2023, May 14th, 2024, June 11th, 2024

For more information, visit the RMSPO on Facebook
Annual Tide
Calendar Contest 

Deadline is Friday, September 1st

The Taunton River Watershed Association (TRWA) is having its annual tide calendar contest. Open to all photographers.

The photo must have been taken within the last five years in the 42 communities that make up the Taunton River Watershed. It also should have the principles of conservation in mind. For more guidelines and where to submit the final photo visit the contest page: TRWA/photo-contest-form

Have fun with us and bee entered to win:
 $25 gift certificate to Johnny Macaroni's Restaurant, East Bridgewater & Halifax

Historical Tidbit Question:
What is the one unique factor of the first section of the main floor?

Email us your answer at: 
Please include your name and phone number with your answer.

By entering, you give us permission to print your name in next week's Buzz Around. On August 23, 2023, before 2p, we will randomly pick a winner from the correct answers.
The Buzz Around is brought to you this week by: Angel Benjamin, Miriam Heath, Mohamed (Moe) Ibrahim, Jacquelyn Rose & Greg Venezia.
Living Your Best Life

“There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.”
~ Oprah Winfrey

“We can’t save the world by playing by the rules, because the rules have to be changed.”
~ Greta Thunberg 

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” ~ Robert F. Kennedy

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ~ Joe Lewis

“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
I used to think taking the time to journal was a waste: "Why did I spend this glorious day pondering? "

But then I remember the other days I wasted; unhappy, without purpose, money or thinking I had no options. Days I felt unloved, face in my pillow, crying in frustration; and now I know: journaling is much better.

On days I journal, I feel those emotions, journal them, see and understand them. Then are able to re-frame the narrative if necessary, creating a growth moment. I changed my story from one of abandonment, abuse and need; to one of gratitude, power and resource. It was the same story, though a new lens. Now there is joy and strength where loneliness and frustration were.

I wish you all a fabulous week. Loving yourself, giving yourself the time you need, and living your best life. ~ Jacquie
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