Cruising Through The Wheels of Time

Every Other Week on Thursdays
Brewster Ambulance, 1555 Main St.

The pounding summer heat did not stop the dedication of these car enthusiasts. The Wheels of Time Cruise Nights are bi-weekly car showcases featuring various cars depending on the theme, like 80s Night and Import Night. Each car had their own interesting story.

One of the enthusiasts had handmade his own car using a kit from Factory Five Racing in Wareham. Since he was a carpenter, the interface of the car was wooden, a rare sight. The car overall was beautiful, and encapsulated the antique car energy, even though it was new.

Another interesting showcase was in the back of an old Ford pickup truck. The pick-up was an early automobile, slightly post the era of Horatio Nelson Jackson's first cross country road trip. In the truck bed was an engine. The owner of both the truck and the engine explained that it was made to be strapped onto early and heavier bicycles, and was developed for the first motorbikes. The engine still worked, and he said " That what was the deal breaker when I bought it." If it still worked, he would buy it. And it did. It was started by igniting a lighter at the top and cranking a wheel.

The next story to be told was about a car that looked to be of a different future, but the man said it actually was an 80s model. He bought it for "a fair price of around $20,000." He’s been going to the events with his father fairly frequently, a bonding event for them. Other cars were passed down generationally, and looked in pretty good condition, the aged chrome blinding me with it's shine.

There were many more stories to collect; stop by and collect your own. They're here, waiting.

More info at Wheels of Time FB.
Photo & story credit: Brian Coleman, BuzzAround Intern Writer, Bridgewater State University
Edited by J. Rose
Historical Tidbit:
Brockton's Santa Hat World Record
On November 23, 2010, Brockton set the world record for the most Santa Hat wearers in one place at one time with 872 people participating in the event.

Then on November 20, 2011 Brockton doubled the city's Santa Claus hat-wearing record with 1792 people in downtown Brockton wearing hats.

However, since then the record has been broken again, outside Brockton. In June 2014 the Angels Baseball team along with their fans, all assembled in Santa Hats at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim, California.

With the Stadium filled with fuzzy and festive red caps, the new record was set at 30,333 simultaneous Santa Hats.

That's a rough number to beat, but Brockton has been down before and has overcome. We'll see....

Story by Seth Vagt-Bendoski, Intern Writer
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45 School St 508-580-7123
Check the city website for important updates

Brockton Public Library
Main Library - 304 Main St. 508-580-7890
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Council on Aging 
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 Brockton Business Assistance Awards 

On August 9th, 2023, it was announced that a $10,000 assistance would be awarded to deserving local businesses.

The 21 Community Development Block Grant Brockton Business Assistance grant recipients is the second tranche of grants was distributed by the City and the BRA to provide funds to small businesses impacted by Covid-19. The City offers "a sincere thank you to Ms. Khady Mascarenhas for the assistance that she provided to the applicants and congratulations to all of the recipients." Congratulations! Great work, Brockton Redevelopment Authority and all involved, we cant wait to see your dreams become real!
Brockton Adult Learning Center
Backpack Give Away

Saturday, August 26th, 10am - 12pm
Wednesday, August 30th, 10am - 12pm
Goddard School, 20 Union St.

Prepare for school with a free backpack! The Brockton Adult Learning Center has been giving away free backpacks, with more events on Saturday and Wednesday. Backpacks are handed out on a first come first serve basis, and will only last as long as the supplies do.

Visit Brockton Adult Learning Center FB for additional info.
Brockton Youth Family Fun Day

Sunday, August 27th
11a - 4p
East Middle School 464 Centre St.

Drop by for the fifth annual Family Fun Day and find free haircuts, school supplies, food, and more. Presented by Block Security.

Questions can be sent to the following email:
Campello Area of Brockton Video Tour
July 23, 2023
Video Courtesy of BCA
Montello Area of Brockton Video Tour
July 24, 2023
Video Courtesy of BCA
 Brockton, Canton, Middleboro and online
Making It Public
Commissions for Temporary Public Art

August 2023 through 2024 and Beyond!

Help to humanize the urban environment of Brockton! A grant has been provided by the Metro Area Planning Council and the NE Foundation for the Arts to create temporary public art in Brockton.
There are 3 ways to be involved:
1) Serve on Advisory Committee [developing the Call for Art/Artist concept]
2) Serve on Selection Committee [reviewing artist submissions and choosing grant awardee[s]
3) Would like to submit artwork[s] for potential selection.

Currently, an Advisory Committee is building a Call for Artists, which will be released in early January.
As we move forward, the Advisory Committee will engage in regular workshopping sessions throughout the rest of the year. These workshops will provide a platform for stimulating discussions, collaborative brainstorming, and the exchange of innovative ideas. We believe that this collaborative approach will help foster a dynamic environment where creativity flourishes, and exceptional public art concepts are born.
Interested in serving on a committee? Fill out this google form.

If you are interested in joining either the Advisory or Selection Committee please contact John Fay at If you would like to submit art, please await the Call for Artists. Please keep in mind that applicants can only apply to one of the three positions: advisor, selector, or artist. For additional info please visit Making it Public.
11U All Star Team Wins Suburb League

Congratulations to the Brockton 11U All Star Team and their recent victory in the Cal Ripken Suburban League Championship. Their final opponents were the Weymouth team, and Brockton won fifteen to three. Truly a standout performance, keep an eye on this team, great things await!
Climate Can-Do: Limit Fast Fashion
Fashion is another tool to help combat climate change and protect the environment.

First, how does fashion harm the environment? In efforts to meet demands and popularity for society’s trendiest clothes, many big clothing brands end up wasting fabrics and energy as they rush to pump out clothes for consumers at cheap prices. This is known as fast fashion.

According to the United Nations Environment Program, the “pollution, waste, and emissions of fast fashion are fueling the planetary crisis” as "plastic fibers are polluting the oceans”. In addition, the “wastewater and toxic dyes” from the industrial plants that are used to create the clothes only further contaminate the surrounding natural environments.

Sustainable clothing: While buying sustainable and organic clothing is a healthier alternative, it can also be expensive or inaccessible for many people. Fortunately, there are still many ways to limit your own fashion consumption and help the planet without sacrificing your wallet.

Diversify your clothing store options: Buying secondhand clothing from local thrift stores or on-line platforms such as ThredUp, Depop, and Poshmark is an excellent alternative for getting clothes.

Consider clothes before buying them: We all have that item, or a few, that sit in the back of the closet untouched for the past two years. This is why the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University suggests buying an item only if you can see yourself wearing it at least 30 times. Thinking twice is a good way to limit how much fast fashion and wasted clothing ends up crowding your closet.

Support brands that have good sustainability practices: This online directory: Good on You allows you to search your favorite brands and view their sustainability/ethical work ratings. The website also provides a wide range of stores that solely produce sustainable fashion that you can occasionally invest in.

By researching, staying mindful, and practicing eco-friendly shopping habits, you can reduce carbon costs and the impact of waste on our landfills and atmosphere!

This Climate Can-Do Article was written by Angel Benjamin, BuzzAround Writing Intern, Brown University. Focusing on actions which individuals can do in the face of our climate emergency. We can do!
North River Collaborative
Split AM/PM and Afternoon Shifts
*Sign on Bonus
Starting Salary: Drivers: $20 plus benefits.
                Monitors: $15.85 plus benefits.

 Benefits: health, dental, vision, life insurance & MA State Retirement.
Paid sick/ personal time.
7D license Training Provided

Contact: Deb Thompson
781-878-6056, ext. 162
Grow Associates
Grow Associates is a non-profit organization helping individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities live their best lives.

Cape Verdean Festival
Live Stream
The 29th Annual Cape Verdean Day Festival in Brockton. Preserve our culture, Reclaiming our pride. July 30, 2023
Video Courtesy of BCA
Pop Up Shop
Glow-Up Party

Saturday, September 2nd, 1pm - 4pm
Brockton Public Library, 304 Main St.

The fourth annual Pop-Up Shop has arrived! Come September 2nd for a thrift shopping extravaganza. Free clothes, shoes, and accessories, prepare for school right at the Brockton Public Library.

For more info, visit Brockton Public Library
Mold Guys Restoration
Air Duct / Vent Cleaning * Restoration & Rebuild * Water Damage & Mold

We are there when you need us!

(781) 910-5029
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Back to School Supplies Event

Saturday, September 2nd
1367 Main st.

It's that time of the year again, and with it come similar needs. Thankfully, the Family Center at Community Connections is hosting a back to school event with free supplied. Supplies are limited, and registration is required to attend.

If interested in this wonderful event then visit Family Center FB or email any questions to Meghan Jeannetti.
A Saturday with Brockton Public Library

This summer morning was a bit more energetic at the library. On this Saturday morning, there was a family playtime session for kids, a band, and a creative activity making clay pots. Afterwards a Nerf duel for Teens. While it may have been energetic, it was not unusual. Free activities all Saturday a weekly thing Brockton Public Library, where imaginations are free to grow.

The concert was a band known as Two of a Kind. They are an award winning children's music band who consistently make their performances fun for their audience. The married couple of David and Jenny Heitler-Klevans bring an energetic energy to their performances, with their themes range: the environment or diversity, or friendship, literature and there was even a song about the library itself! The two of them started making music after college, where they travelled around coffee shops and other small venues. When David started teaching elementary students, they shifted to becoming children's performers. Since then, they have won several awards including 6 parents choice awards, and 8 children's music awards. “The World is Not your Garbage Can” won a USA Songwriting Competition. This performance was full of singing and dancing.

Another major activity this Saturday was a small table where various terracotta clay pots were being made. The pots were would be molded over, then formed into flower pot looking creations, that are meant to look like faces. As well, the kids could wrap around a small facsimile of a snake, making the cute designs seen here. It could be challenging, and the kids loved it! Check for future activities: on Saturdays, or any day!

Story & Photo Credit: Brian Coleman, Intern Writer, Bridgewater State University
Edited by J.Rose
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Living Your Best Life

"There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.”
~ Oprah Winfrey

“We can’t save the world by playing by the rules, because the rules have to be changed.”
~ Greta Thunberg 

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” ~ Robert F. Kennedy

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ~ Joe Lewis

“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
I used to think taking the time to journal was a waste: "Why did I spend this glorious day pondering? "

But then I remember the other days I wasted; unhappy, without purpose, money or thinking I had no options. Days I felt unloved, face in my pillow, crying in frustration; and now I know: journaling is much better.

On days I journal, I feel those emotions, journal them, see and understand them. Then are able to re-frame the narrative if necessary, creating a growth moment. I changed my story from one of abandonment, abuse and need; to one of gratitude, power and resource. It was the same story, though a new lens. Now there is joy and strength where loneliness and frustration were.

I wish you all a fabulous week. Loving yourself, giving yourself the time you need, and living your best life. ~ Jacquie
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