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New StreamingLive360 is the expanded private label integrated social media, virtual event and live streaming platform.

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Social Streaming TV is a private label integrated social media, live and on demand video streaming virtual events platform.
Virtual events will be the new technology medium as internal, trade show, sales and customer meetings and customer presentations will literally go virtual.
Business events will go from one-time to anytime with ondemand virtual or hybrid when in-person trade shows return.
Companies can also move their trade show booths out of storage or build new virtual visitor centers producing exciting customer entertainment events.
Next, private social media, virtual events and streaming can bring new content-driven virtual events marketplaces to navigate increasingly complex public presence, technologies and markets.
Social Streaming TV is a private label platform installed on custom websites giving them the means to produce education, industry, business and company news, ondemand and virtual events accelerating connections with fans, followers and viewers.
Social Streaming TV provides unparalleled branding, thought leadership and customer experiences with fifty or more simultaneous live TV channels to millions.
Social Streaming TV also provides critically important virtual event engagement expertise with award-winning speaker, exhibitor, talent and professional power presenter certification and custom content creation.
Take action today to bring together social media live streaming into an innovative virtual events platform to produce thrilling customer events and performances.

Bottom-line - Produce and deliver live streaming and virtual events to millions of viewers with 55+ simultaneous channels and post audio, video and images to social media from viewers and producers alike.

Below is an example of a Social Streaming TV use case for virtual events. Here are the highlights:
  • 55-simultaneous live video channels with unlimited 2-hour recording segments on the Vonage API to "millions" of viewers 
  • Unlimited users along with social media Twitter posts 
  • Unlimited newsfeed posts categories aka "exhibitors" including videos, pics and audio/podcasts files
  • Multiple "rotating" advertiser/exhibitor ad banners 
  • User text, audio and video chat 
  • Only company that provides Exhibitor, Speaker and Presenter Training
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To help you get ready for 2021 - get this free "live" discussion now - 22 Critical Concepts in 20 Minutes to Be the Best Virtual Event, Exhibitor and Enterprise Sales Power Presenter Ever on Zoom or any other virtual meeting and event platform.
Learn to focus on the issues, not just the presenter, focus on problems, decision-makers, stop killing the audience by being boring, gain actionable ways to gain-engage-retain audience and customers.
Some of the 22 Critical Concepts includes
- Virtual will be harder but longer lasting
- Virtual will be the same but different
- Virtual will be very different
- Virtual will not be what we thought it would be
- Content will always remain critical
- Talking Points, Not Talking Heads
- Meeting Elements
- Audience
- Venue, Agenda
- Pace - Speed of Talking and Reading
- Bullets - 10 Concepts You Better Get Right
- Format - Who’s Talk, When, Why, etc.
- Starting Time
- Rehearsing - Why and Because
- Content - “a confused mind always says no”
- Q&A - why they really are there
- Ending - Don’t Stop !
- Overcoming Meeting Madness - It’s Not Fatigue, It’s Boring
- And a few more surprises

Free for five or more people and special rates for individual classes for corporate and professional speakers. Email to schedule now as bookings are limited.

Virtual Sales Curriculum

Virtual Sales Professional Fundamentals - click here
This course is for new-hires, new channel partners, new-to-position to ensure everyone has the same working knowledge.

Virtual Sales Professional Leadership - click here
This is for the seasoned professional, new-to-position and others that focuses on virtual management and leadership.

Virtual Sales Professional Expert Level - click here
This is a 14-point program to expand, develop and accelerate enterprise sales acceleration and development.

Virutal Events Professional Curriculum

Virtual Events Speaker and Exhibitor Professional Fundamentals - click here
With 22+ critical concepts and a double moneyback guarantee, this one-hour course will make you a better presenter now and ever.

Virtual Events Exhibitor Professional Advanced Level - click here
With SEAL-speaker, engagement, audience and logistics, this takes your presentation skills to the a more advanced level.

Virtual Events Exhibitor Professional Expert Level - click here
For the serious virtual presenter, speaker and trade show exhibitor, explore the myriad of events and presentation skills needed to be an expert level presenter.

Virtual Events Exhibitor Professional Producer - click here
For the technical, virtual event technical, management and business event leader.

Virtual Events Exhibitor Professional Production - click here
For the technology specialist.

Virtual Events Professional Power Presenter Certification - ALL - click here
Special Courses & Virtual-First Business Courses

Special Courses on Crisis Management, AI Market & Business Evaluation and others - click here
Crisis, AI and other critical business issues are explore in this innovative webinar series.

Virtual-First Business Model and Short Videos - click here
New businesses will begin virtual-first, others will try to catch them and if they don't make dust, they will eat the dust of the new "Amazons."

The "Kitchen Sink" - Everything there is, so far - click here
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Virtual Sales & Events Power Professional Certification

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Why Virtual-First Now

As one CEO said, "we are not going back, we are going forward into the virtual-first business world before our competitors do, new startups do and anyone else does, as we want to be the best virtual business now and forever."
We are ready today to help you go virtual-first and be the leader in virtual and other business markets. Start today before your current competitors in current markets you serve and new companies beat you to new markets and customers before you do. To be the best, you need virtual presentation skills to overcome old presentation concepts and methods.
This is reflected by another CEO who said, "If you are boring face-to-face, you will still be boring via video and technology only makes you look worse." The goal of these virtual presentation courses is to give you powerful virtual meetings, virtual presentations, virtual sales skills along with proven, viable, and real ROI ideas for enhanced virtual meeting and communication technology with better business presentations.
Get started today to be the best virtual presenter and sales team now and forever.
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