October 3, 2019

CHC is an educational consulting management company dedicated to providing expert solutions that address your health care-at-home business needs.  We understand the unique challenges faced in Home Care and incorporate those aspects into our training programs.With personalized coaching, we share our unique experience, expertise and skill set.  Just with you so you know what to do in your ever-changing role.


Quality of patient care star ratings

What do the quality of patient care star ratings measure?
The quality of patient care star rating is a summary measure of agency performance based on how well a home health agency performs on 8 of the individual quality measures reported on Home Health Compare. 

These 8 measures include:

Process of care measures - how often the agency:
Initiated patient care in a timely manner

Outcome of care measures - how often the patient:
Got better at taking their drugs correctly by mouth
Got better at walking or moving around
Got better at getting in and out of bed
Got better at bathing themselves
Was able to engage in activity with less pain
Experienced less shortness of breath
Required acute care hospitalization

These measures were selected to give a general overview of agency performance on measures that apply to the most people.

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Administrator Training

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Hospital at Home

Hospital-at-home programs attempt to provide acute, hospital-level care in the home in lieu of an expensive, potentially dangerous hospital admission. To do so, programs try to identify eligible patients whose medical conditions can be cared for in the home setting through coordinated nursing and clinician visits, plus necessary testing and treatment.a skilled workforce to meet these demands.

[Studies have shown that] at six months after treatment, 50 people treated in hospital at home, one more [patient] is alive than they would have been if they had all been treated in the hospital," Dr. Bruce Leff, a professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said while speaking at the 2019 Home Health Care News Summit in Chicago last month. "You think about the drugs that now command six-figure prices, [some] don't come anywhere close to that."

eLearning Clinical and Non-medical Administrative Leadership

CHC offers these self-paced courses that are available 24/7 on any device. 
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Behavior Management of the Client with Dementia
Care about Care Coordination
Care about Privacy, Confidentiality & HIPAA
Universal Precautions
Care about Immunity
Mental Illness and Behavior Management
Care of the Fragile, Ill and Complex Client
Limitations of Personal Care
Oversight of Non-medical Personnel
A lot more!