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October 2021 | Issue No. 21
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From the Editor

Advocacy Update We added U.S. Senator James Lankford to those contacted about H.R.3342 - Youth Workforce Readiness Act and H.R.3083 - Foster Youth Mentoring Act of 2021. Earlier contacts are Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK-04), Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK-02), and Rep. Stephanie Bice (R-OK-05).

Why support? These acts are part of the pipeline to create or support college students.
National Mentoring Month - January 2021
Begin Planning in November and December

Why? College programs help us all when they promote mentoring in Oklahoma, too.

May 16-18, 2022

The 2022 summit will be hosted in Leeuwarden, in the North of the Netherlands, by Mentoring Europe, in collaboration with NHL Stenden University.  
Free evidence-based curriculum designed to help students form meaningful connections with supportive, non-parental adults in their lives: middle school, high school, and college curricula for students. Mentors can suggest this to mentees and discuss the mentees' progress.
"Connected Scholars is a research-informed course designed to meet the needs of high schools, colleges, and universities interested in implementing a mentoring program for its students. Instead of matching students with assigned mentors, students are trained to understand the value of building their social capital and then, learn and practice networking and relationship-building skills to expand their social networks. The goal is for young adults to develop life-long skills that will benefit their academic, professional, and personal lives." This program has a price for instructor training and workbooks.
On the topic of age-appropriate sex education, Tracy Scull, a leading researcher on this topic, has a program for college-age students. Called MediaAware, the programs for various ages use examples from all different types of media to talk about how to have healthy relationships. Small price for each course in packages.
Six Tips for mentees: step up – it’s your gig! "How to make mentoring work and why your workplace will benefit," INTHEBLACK.
Brené Brown on Empathy, 2:53 minutes to understanding the term. (From UMass Boston's therapeutic mentoring course)
Adaptable activity for college mentoring programs: OU Honors College's Student-to-Professional Mentoring Experience – STPMX, network mentoring at special events with professionals in specific career paths. The sponsor, e.g., a hospital or doctor, pays for the event and provides professionals. Social capital cleverness!
Hand Signal for Help Flashing this signal saved a 16-year-old girl from North Carolina from a kidnapper. Adults and youths--male and female--need to know the signal and watch for it. Canadian Women's Foundation.
Social Snacking Toolkit Looking to promote social snacking in your own community and mentees? Canada's Antyx Community Arts and the Calgary Public Library developed this toolkit, downloading as a ZIP file, containing:
  • Social Assets: Social media graphics optimized for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Social Snacking Sample: Ready-to-use social media captions/posts.
  • Wordmark: A graphic that can be used as a banner or printed as a bookmark.
  • Social Snacking Poster: A printable poster outlining the basics of social snacking. 
Shared by the Alberta Mentoring Partnership, Canada.
Disabilities and Inclusion - All Ages
Appearances and Behavior Can Be Deceiving
Dan Bergmann on his autism, and a breakthrough lesson "Classified for years as 'intellectually disabled,' a young man's education, and later success, took a dramatic turn thanks to one teacher's thoughtful instruction." Harvard Extension School graduate Dan Bergmann tells of his journey. CBS News
Mentoring Program Video I of IV
Episode I of IV
The Goal of the Program

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