April 2022
Kentucky CancerLink is a non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce and/or eliminate barriers to screening, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. We work alongside Kentuckians in need of life-saving cancer screenings or in need of support while on a cancer journey. We strive to be a link to hope...
Greetings from the Executive Director:
Hello friends!

Someone very dear to my family used to sing this song to my boys when they were little and on a sunny day, my youngest will still sing that chorus. Love it so much and I love that we are having more and more sunny days!

This month we will welcome an additional bilingual patient navigator, expand our outreach and screening programs, and settle into our expanded space. There is lots of work to be done.

Read on to hear a great patient navigation story from Mily Ralsten, learn about Carissa Colors from local business owner, Paramedical Micropigmentation Specialist, Carissa Fondaw, and save the date for our 2 remaining events in 2022.

We are thankful for our partners and community supporters. We'd love to have you join along in our mission to be a link to hope to Kentuckians.


Patient Navigation - Mily Ralsten, Certified Bilingual Patient Navigator, Certified Community Health Worker
Just this week, I had the wonderful opportunity to assist a patient in need of a wig. It's not uncommon during treatment lose your hair. We are here to help you find the perfect wig or head covering to help your experience be a little easier.

The patient and I spoke over the phone about her style preferences and I was able to send her photos of various wigs we have onsite. She was able to pick the style she liked and I sent it to her in the mail. A comment she made while we were working together was "this is so much fun!" I'm glad that I was able to bring joy to her during a time that is unpleasant.

We do work with patients over the phone and can mail items, but patients are also welcome to come to our office to try on wigs and headwear.

If you are experiencing hair loss related to your cancer treatments, please contact Kentucky CancerLink. We have an online wig catalog that you can view, and other wigs in stock that are not listed on the website. As a patient navigator, it's my job to help you and be a link to hope!
Spring recipe that you can make from your own yard with foraged violets. 

Make Your Own Violet-Infused Aloe Soothing Gel 

  • 1/2 (3g) cup loosely packed fresh violet petals (Forage from your yard if you don't spray it)
  • 1/2 (120ml) cup bottled aloe vera gel 


Place the flower petals and aloe vera gel in the bowl of a small food processor or blender. Blend them together thoroughly. The mixture may get a little frothy in the process; that's okay. 

After blending, strain the purple aloe through a fine mesh sieve. Gently press and squeeze out most of it. The consistency of bottled aloe vera gel varies widely between brands; if yours is particularly difficult to strain, you may need to stir in a few drops of water to facilitate the process. 

Store the finished violet-infused aloe soothing gel in a glass jar in the refrigerator. It should stay fresh for several weeks or longer. For longer storage, freeze in ice cube trays and store. You can use this on your body and face for a lovely treatment. Leave it on and let it soak in! 
My name is Carissa Fondaw and I am a Paramedical Micropigmentation Specialist. My mission is to reach out and help others feel comfortable in their own skin.

I chose to study microblading not only to have the ability to give my clients the perfect brow, but to give cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy a semi-permanent brow that would last them through their treatments. I also wanted to give a natural looking brow to those clients with Alopecia and to help cover any areas of scarring.

I soon learned that I could specialize in Paramedical Micropigmentation, which is the implantation of pigments within the skin by medical tattooing. This amazing procedure is used to design, color match, and medically tattoo 3-D areolas and nipples for women after their battle with breast cancer. This is considered as the final touch to breast reconstruction. The procedure can also be used for imperfection blending. Imperfection blending is used for camouflaging of minor to major scarring or to color match areas of skin affected by vitiligo.

Whether you are looking for an amazing brow, or looking to blend any imperfections, or you are finishing your battle with breast cancer I invite you to join me for a consultation or an appointment. I have created a client focused atmosphere that is warm, comforting, and full of compassion. 

Joanna Gaines' Asparagus & Fontina Quiche

This beautiful signature quiche, laced with fontina, gruyere and strips of asparagus is sure to be a hit.

Sheet Pan Chicken with Spring Veggies

A one-dish chicken wonder featuring fresh spring veggies. Grab your sheet pan and work up an appetite for this quick & easy family dinner.

Strawberry Pretzel Salad Parfait

Strawberry pretzel salad parfaits for two are the sweetest way to enjoy strawberries! The salty sweet combo of pretzels and strawberries is a classic Southern recipe that you will love! 

To RSVP for Champagne Campaign, email Melanie Hunter at melanieh@kycancerlink.org
or call (859) 309-1700.
Link to Hope Podcast
Until there is a cure for cancer Kentuckians need hope today. Link 2 Hope is a monthly podcast featuring experts discussing ways to remove barriers for Kentuckians in need of screening, diagnosis and treatment for cancer.

Suggestions for what you'd like to hear? Contact Melanie Hunter at melanieh@kycancerlink.org to share your ideas!
You can also listen to Link 2 Hope on whichever platform you listen to your podcasts. Subscribe to be informed when new episodes are added!
WKYT - Link to Hope
Each month on WKYT, a Link to Hope story is featured with Amber Philpott.

Our most recent story focuses on a colon cancer survivor.

THANK YOU to WKYT for their partnership!
Screening Opportunities
Do you need help getting a breast or cervical screening, but are uninsured or underinsured? Call Kentucky CancerLink and we'll get you connected with CHI Saint Joseph Health's Yes, Mamm! and Yes, Cerv! program!

Call Kentucky CancerLink at 859-309-1700 for more information.
In partnership with the Kentucky Women's Cancer Screening Program, Kentucky CancerLink can connect you with a no cost/low cost breast and/or cervical screening close to home.
University of Kentucky
Ovarian Cancer Screening Program
For more information about the ovarian cancer screening program at the University of Kentucky, visit this link.
Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines
Low-dose CT screening (LDCT) is a test used to detect lung cancer before any symptoms appear. Under the new lung cancer screening guidelines, those ages 50-80 who have a 20 pack-year smoking history or who have quit smoking in the past 15 years should get screened for lung cancer. Under the new guidelines, more women, Black and Latino individuals are considered at high risk. 

Support Group Information
Stages - Scott Kindred
After receiving a lung cancer diagnosis, Scott Kindred searched for a local lung cancer support group. With no luck finding one, he created Stages support group. “Calling it 'Stages' fits,” he said. “There are stages for everything — life, cancer, recovery and grief.”

Inspired by a trip to Pawleys Island, South Carolina, Kindred also implements the imagery of a pier into to the group.

“The way I envision it, the pier is long, and it sits on many pillars as it reaches out into the ocean. This support group is like a pier, and each pillar represents a person, reaching something that is otherwise unreachable. Just one pillar can’t hold up a pier. It takes all of those pillars working together."

This group is to support those with any type of cancer. Click here to join Facebook Page
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