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Issue No. #249 | March 17, 2023

俗语 from Xi Jinping

阴魂不散 yīn hún bú sàn

Definition: "lingering ghost or spirit that cannot be dispersed;" often used to describe a problem or trouble that refuses to go away or is difficult to resolve.

Original: 人类社会发展进程曲折起伏,各国探索现代化道路的历程充满艰辛。当今世界,多重挑战和危机交织叠加,世界经济复苏艰难,发展鸿沟不断拉大,生态环境持续恶化,冷战思阴魂不散,人类社会现代化进程又一次来到历史的十字路口。

Background: In a speech on Wednesday, Xi Jinping gave a speech about "the road to modernization" to leaders from international political parties. Early in the speech he contrasted the presumed right and wrong paths forward, counterposing ideas like "zero-sum game" (零和博弈) and "win-win cooperation" (合作共赢) and said that the modern world is "still haunted by a cold war mentality."

Source: 习近平在中国共产党与世界政党高层对话会上的主旨讲话(全文)

Weekly Reading: Chinese Language Study and Translation Tools from David Cowhig 高大伟

snap180 image

This week we are highlighting a fantastic post from David Cowhig's Translation Blog: Chinese Language Study and Translation Tools.

The post (and site) is a treasure trove of ideas and resources for learning, maintaining, and expanding your Chinese language abilities.

It is relevant for everyone from the intermediate student looking to become more conversational to the advanced student of Chinese interested in developing abilities as a a scholar of China. We are confident that everyone who spends some time to read through this post will come away with new ideas and inspiration for pursuing greater fluency in the Chinese language.

For reference, here is an excerpt of the Table of Contents from the post:

  • Machine Translation Strengths and Weaknesses: Google Translate, DeepL and ChatGPT
  • Chinese Language Learning and Vocabulary Building Tools
  • Advanced Learners: Let the CCTV News Broadcast Improve Both Your Chinese and Your Political Stance!
  • The Chinese Library Subject Classification System
  • Get Chinese Books on How to Use Online Databases to Learn PRC Databases
  • .......
Read the blog post

African-American China Leadership Fellows Applications Are Open!

Applications are open for the 2023 African-American China Leadership Fellows program, now in its third year. This amazing mentorship opportunity is for mid-career, China-focused African-American professionals.

Apply by March 24th to have targeted career support and mentorship from our impressive group of mentors and alumni:

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Job Opportunity - German Marshall Fund

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The China Tech Analyst will play a key role on ASD’s (Alliance for Securing Democracy) Technology and Geopolitics Team expanding understanding and analysis of the Chinese party-state’s efforts to undermine and interfere in democratic institutions around the world using new and emerging technologies.

The analyst will contribute towards written analytic products on China’s technology influence, support the Team Lead with research assignments, and contribute to reports, grant applications, and commentaries.

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