Prayer Partner Alliance Newsletter
June 2021
From Loretta's Desk
"Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June” Anonymous

Living in Florida makes it more difficult to notice the passage of seasons yet there are many signs that welcome the impending summer months. Less traffic and congestion on the roads, more rainy afternoons and longer daylight hours to enjoy evenings outdoors.

At Protected Harbor we are also seeing changes; this month we are excited to welcome our newest resident Kristen. Her smile
and happy demeanor will bring even more joy to residents and house parents alike. Everyone is thrilled to welcome her into her new home.

The highlight of the month of May was the first “Olympics” organized for the residents on the grounds of PH1. In addition to a delicious BBQ, a variety of competitive games were offered such as frisbee golf, corn hole, bean bag tic-tac-toe and a putting green. This blessed, fun-filled event could never have taken place without the help of the many friends who came out in support of Protected Harbor.

Each resident was coupled with a “coach” while each game was managed by additional volunteers who kept score and encouraged the players as they rotated from one game position to another. Everyone was provided with cold water bottles as they engaged in the games under the hot Florida sun. An array of food was also available as volunteers barbequed while others helped to serve the almost 120 people present at the event! The enthusiasm was palpable, the fun quotient unmeasurable.

A highlight of the Olympic event was the presentation and dedication of a special bench honoring Protected Harbor’s first President, Robert Schubring who humbly accepted the honor with his wife Pat by his side. The bench will remain as a permanent feature on the grounds of PH1 as a reminder of his service and the genesis of this organization.

The grand finale of the day was the awarding of medals which were given both to the winning teams as well as to the individuals who either scored the most points overall or scored highest in any individual game. In the end every resident walked away with multiple medals hanging around their necks and huge smiles indicating great pride in what they had achieved. The joy on the winners faces shined as they received recognition from all the volunteers, organizers, workers and donors who loudly applauded them.

Behind the Smiles are our special residents who love God and know they are loved by Him and all those who share their time, talents and offerings as partners with Protected Harbor. We look forward to more special events in the future and invite everyone to watch for announcements. Please plan to join us or schedule a personal visit to the homes. Each person had a chance to meet new friends and walked away with their hearts filled with love and the anticipation we would see one another again.

“For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving” 1 Timothy 4:4
Friend of the Board Spotlight:
Kerry Kubacki
We are pleased to welcome Kerry Kubacki as the newest member of Protected Harbor's "Friends of the Board". These special friends enhance our mission with their generous support, dedication and commitment. Kerry's first introduction to Protected Harbor came from our board president, Jeff Buchholz, a fellow tablemate at First Baptist Naples' Band of Brothers weekly Bible study sessions.

Initially he did not seem too interested in involving himself with another mission since he already was actively involved in several activities at First Baptist, one of which was the church’s food drive. He also volunteered at Hope for Haiti which was a satisfying way to serve God and Haitians in need. A turning point in his life came with a diagnosis of
Covid-19. Kerry found himself in intensive care for twenty-one days where he came close to death.
Behind the Smiles: Meet Kristin
When Joy C. was invited to attend a Protected Harbor board meeting almost a decade ago, she immediately thought of her daughter Kristin. Unlike her sister Dana, Kristin grew up needing special attention and care her entire life because of her developmental and intellectual challenges. They have a close and loving family, but Joy was thinking ahead to a time when she would no longer be able to care for her daughter.

She was prescient in her thoughts, because in 2012 she went to be with her Creator leaving Dana as the primary care taker for her sister. Joy had prayed for peace of mind that her special needs daughter would be able to live out her life in a loving and caring environment with friends to share her life with. Protected Harbor is just the perfect setting for her. Kristen in fact will be our newest resident and will be welcomed as “family” by the others with whom she will be sharing a home. It comforts her sister Dana that her forty-six year old sister will be living in the very place their mom prayed about and desired for Kristin.
We are so grateful for the outpouring of support from our donors.  In response to the many calls we receive asking how you can help, we are launching our new Online Wish List.  Click the Contribution link on the left for a current list of items needed and desired for the homes.  Items are shipped directly to us making it even easier for those wishing to lend an extra hand of support. Visit our registry today!
Our Mission, Our Vision, Your Support
Our Mission
The mission of Protected Harbor is to develop and operate supportive housing, enhanced with Christian care, for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Our Vision
Our vision is that adults that want and need the Protected Harbor model for Christian care homes will have a home with Protected Harbor.

Support Our Work
We believe that God calls each of us for a very special purpose. The work He has called us to is a ministry that we embrace with our whole hearts. If you feel that God is calling you to support this special work, please consider making a contribution.